5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Source: Jorge Reyna on Unsplash

Parrots have a colourful nature that makes them irresistible to people who are keen on birds as pets. However, behind that attractive ruffled, feathery exterior, many aren’t usually aware of what exactly goes into caring for them as pets.

Well for starters, that parrots are incredibly resilient birds and are fairly low maintenance in terms of grooming. With proper care, love, and regular visits to vets in Singapore, they tend to outlive many of their avian peers.

Whether you are intending to keep a bird as a pet or attempt to make a new colourful best friend, parrots are a great choice for your consideration. Read on for more reasons why parrots make the most extraordinary pets.

They Can Talk the Talk

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Source: Luiz Fernando on Pexels

Who doesn’t love a talking pet? Like most birds, parrots are highly intelligent creatures capable of learning speech by mimicking our vocalisations and language.

On one day, you might have a pretty bird at home to admire but suddenly by the next day, you might be engaging in a simple conversation with your parrot. So be careful, whatever you say might just become part of your parrot’s daily vocabulary. For more tips on how to train your parrot to speak!

That said, their ability to speak is not only entertaining but handy as well —  if parrots are thirsty or hungry, they might even be able to alert us after attaining a certain level of speech competency.

Their intelligence also makes them relatively easy to train not limited to their language. Why not try teaching it some cool party tricks like target training, playing dead, flying laps around the room and .

There will not be a single dull moment with a parrot around!

They Have a Long Lifespan

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Source: Magda Ehlers on Pexels

Did you know that some species of parrots can live up to 80 years old? That’s similar to the lifespan of most humans. So, if you are looking for a friend for life, consider it done.

However, before you get your hopes up, note that the exact life span depends on the species of the parrot you get. Most parrots tend to live up to forty and even fifty years. It’s shorter than the aforementioned 80 years, but this average lifespan is still longer than other house pets such as cats or dogs.

They are Very Cuddly and Affectionate

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Contrary to popular belief, birds, and especially parrots, love to cuddle up to their owners. The internet itself is a treasure trove of this, filled with tons of videos containing parrots just snuggling up under the covers with their owners. The proof is in the pudding!

Apart from their bold personalities, they are also very loving and will likely want to spend most of their time with you. Most parrots may even perch on their owners’ shoulders while the owner goes about their day — so dogs aren’t the only loyal companions in the house.

They Have a Great Sense of Humour

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Source: Anna Tarazevich on Pexels

Whenever you come across a parrot video on the internet, oftentimes it’ll probably be amusing their owners with their repertoire of wacky phrases or simply just being their curious, playful selves. All this just goes to show how wicked their sense of humour is naturally.

Parrots seem to have natural comedic timing with many finding an opportune time to mimic their owners, often to the surprise and joy of others. These birds are definitely the life of the party. Be careful, though; you don’t want your parrot to spill all your secrets to your party guests.

They are Musical Aficionados

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Everyone knows that birds are musical geniuses, parrots included! Following the same concept of mimicking, many love to sing music they have heard before. But perhaps what they are known most for is their ability to whistle.

But their musical talents are not limited to just whistling. Some may take to instruments specially made for their size and make, like a tiny flute you can get from any pet shop in Singapore.

They are also one of the few species that can synchronise their movements to human music. There is also nothing cuter than watching them headbanging to rock and metal music!

Ready For an Avian Pal?

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Source: Ilona Frey on Unsplash

After reading this, it should be clear to all that owning a parrot will make your life as colourful as its feathers.

But if you’re still on the fence about owning a parrot, ask yourself this: would you like a bird that is fun-loving, friendly and downright adorable? If your answer is yes, then we think that you will get along with them just fine!

Jokes aside, do make due diligence to learn all there is to know about avian care. Whether it’s logistics or understanding parrot behaviour, these are all important information to acquire prior to owning a parrot!

5 Reasons Why Parrots Will Make For Excellent Pets

Birds are also incredibly social creatures, so don’t just limit yourself to one species of parrot. Under the parrot family Psittacidae, there are tons of other bird species available in Singapore for you to choose from. You’re bound to find the perfect tweetheart for you and your home!

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