10 Dog Kibbles Your Furkid Will Thank You For

10 Dog Kibbles Your Furkid Will Thank You For
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Stunted by the variety of choices when it comes to selecting dog kibbles? Discover our top picks to deliver a balanced diet for your furry best friend, in no particular order.

1. ANF Canine

ANF offers eight ranges of dog food, all certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, to cater to pets of all ages. Its Lamb & Brown Rice contains brown rice, oat and flaxseed, all of which provide a rich source of dietary fibre to improve digestibility.

If you’re looking for something more targeted, try the Senior Lamb & Brown Rice, which features lamb, rice and oat in the top five positions on the ingredient list. These foods are low in calories, helping with weight management should your pet become less active as it ages.

2. BowWow Zenith

Pawrents interested in a more tailored formula should be no stranger to BowWow Zenith, whose products provide all the essential nutrients your doggie needs at a specific life stage.

The brand’s grain-free products use potato as a base and come in smaller individually sealed packets to optimise freshness. The chicken breast flavour is developed for puppies, while the lamb flavour comes in two products for small breed adults as well as seniors.

3. Burgess

Burgess prides itself on quality formulas that are developed by its own animal nutritionist and food technology team. The brand’s range for dogs with food sensitivities is free from wheat, maize, beef, soya, eggs and dairy, giving you peace of mind at every mealtime.

Plus, its recipes contain 100% natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals to meet all your furkid’s nutritional needs.

4. Earthmade Dry Food

Founded in New Zealand, Earthmade Dry Food sources local, free-range, grass-fed livestock. All three varieties of its grain-free dried food – beef, lamb and mackerel – contain Manuka honey and rosehip, ingredients not commonly found in dog food to lower cholesterol and promote good gut bacteria respectively.

5. Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle makes every meal count with its dry kibble that features ingredients from five food groups – proteins, vegetables, fruits, grains, and fats and oils – to provide a balanced and complete meal.

Furkids with allergies or food intolerances will thank you for the Hypo-Allergenic range, which doesn’t contain dairy and added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

6. Nurture Pro Nourish Life Dry Dog Food

Nurture Pro combines all the goodness of eating in its Nourish Life Dry Dog Food. Its 6-9-12 formula – 6 naturally derived ingredients, 9 benefits of prebiotic and probiotic, and 12 essential herbs – clearly breaks down the advantages of each ingredient that helps to keep your pet happy and healthy.

The recipe even zooms in on lesser-known areas such as yucca schidigera extract to target waste odour and gingko to target the brain, nerves and blood vessels.

7. Oven-Baked Tradition

True to its name, Oven-Baked Tradition slow-cooks food in the oven at low temperatures to preserve all the nutritional benefits of ingredients. The method also increases food density by up to 20%, letting your pet feel full on fewer calories (think fibre for humans!).

What’s more, the brand’s recipes support a healthy digestive system by sourcing easy-to-digest ingredients as well as omitting hard-to-digest foods such as soy and wheat gluten. It even offers a vegan variety!

8. SmartHeart Gold

You know what they say: prevention is better than cure! SmartHeart Gold answers to this with nine benefits to target your pet’s overall wellbeing, from inner health to outer beauty.

Its formulas feature CoQ10, a key ingredient that protects from free radicals damage, which can cause chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as premature ageing.

9. Stella & Chewy’s Raw Blend

Get Stella & Chewy, which offers kibble with raw pieces in a convenient format. The raw food diet is touted for its similarities to your pet’s “ancestral diet”, with benefits including better digestion, fresher breath and a stronger immune system.

The Raw Blend features freeze-dried pieces that are high in protein and an overall formula that is low in protein, at only 28%. Varieties include less common protein sources such as elk, trout and haddock.

10. Wellness Complete Health

Give your furkid a good start to the morning and allow them to stay energised throughout the day. With its distinctive purple logo, Wellness is a brand that even veterinarians recommend!

Its Complete Health line is developed to give your pet all the nutrients it needs in a single meal, from essential vitamins and minerals to omega fatty acids that give their coat a healthy shine.

Keen to try something new? All the products mentioned in this article can be found in our online store. Get them here or click the links above to shop the brand directly!

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