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6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets are a hotly-debated topic in the pet industry. While concerns of cleanliness and hygiene are well warranted, there are numerous benefits that your furmily members can reap from a correctly-prepared raw diet. 

Here are 6 benefits of feeding a raw meat diet to your dogs and cats:


1. Brighter smiles & scented kisses

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Processed dog foods are usually high in sugar content, which increases the risk of gum disease in pets. An excellent alternative to such processed foods would be raw food. Not only is raw meat significantly lower in sugar content, but naturally-occurring enzymes in the meat break down tartar and food detritus in your pet’s teeth and gums, resulting in clean, shiny chompers and fresher breath!


2. Weight management

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

If your pet is suffering from obesity, it could be at risk of developing serious secondary complications such as arthritis, high blood pressure, and certain forms of cancer. These conditions will affect the quality of life of your pet and can even shorten its life expectancy.

 A raw diet can benefit your four-legged friend by increasing the metabolic rates of its body, which in turn helps it to burn more calories. When paired with exercise, you can vastly improve your pet’s physical condition, helping it live longer and happier lives! 


3. Shinier coats

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Raw food contains essential fatty acids that are integral to the development of coat and skin health. If you notice that your furkid’s coat is looking lacklustre and dull, consider putting it on a raw diet. Besides helping your pet achieve a beautiful, sleek sheen, healthy skin and coat are also important as they protect its organs and muscles from harmful microbes, parasites, and chemicals.  


4. Stronger immune system

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Does your dog suffer from allergies? Pets, just like humans, can have hypersensitive reactions to typically harmless substances around them, which can cause much discomfort. Although allergies are generally regarded as incurable, studies have suggested that raw diets may have the potential to improve a dog’s immune system, which means fewer itches, sniffles, and sneezes for your canine friends.


5. Consistent energy levels

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Unlike humans, who get their energy from carbohydrates, cats and dogs mainly absorb their energy from animal fat. If your pets often get tired, a raw food diet may be just what they need. 

Diets high in sugars and carbohydrates may provide short spikes of energy in cats and dogs, but energy levels dip shortly after and they will start to feel fatigued. On the other hand, raw foods, which are rich in essential fats, are free from such starches and sugars and can help your pet to maintain more consistent energy levels. This means fewer naps and more fun! 


6. Better digestion

Soft stools and diarrhoea can be a cause of irritation to your beloved animals, and one of the reasons why your dog or cat suffers from the runs may be due to their diet. Processed pet foods contain lots of carbohydrates that are unable to be processed by your pet’s digestive systems. These carbohydrates then draw water into the intestines, which results in looser stools. 

By putting your pet on a raw food diet, it is able to absorb more of the food it eats, which results in firmer, smaller stools that are not only more comfortable for them to pass out, but also easier for you to clean up. 


Not all raw food products are created equal

One very important thing to take note of is that when improperly prepared, it is easy for raw food to spoil and be filled with harmful microbes that can cause your pets to fall sick. This is why it is vital for pet owners to only buy raw pet food products from brands that take the necessary precautions and measures to maintain freshness and quality. 

Made in the USA, Northwest Naturals is one such brand that believes in providing the best raw food products to pet owners, and takes special care to handle all their raw food using a hygienic process known as High Pressured Processing (HPP). A process that inactivates harmful microbes such as salmonella and E.coli, HPP ensures peace of mind for all pet owners without changing the nutritional value of the food!

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Northwest Naturals’ Freeze Dried products can be kept for 2 years if unopened, and 1-2 months if stored properly after opening. 

Grain-free and gluten-free nuggets made from 80% real meat, bones, and organs and 20% produce and supplements, the Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Diet range is suitable for pet owners who are thinking of introducing a raw food diet to their pets. 

Fuss-free because it does not require refrigeration and can simply be poured directly out of the bag into your pet’s bowl, these nutritious, freeze-dried raw foods make for easy storage and convenient feeding.

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Source: Northwest Naturals

Available in a resealable bag so that you don’t have to worry about contaminating the food, the freeze-dried nuggets break apart easily to cater to smaller breeds and elderly pets with chewing difficulties too! Flavours for dogs include Chicken & Salmon, Turkey, Lamb, Chicken, and Whitefish & Salmon, while flavours for cats include Chicken, Turkey, Duck, and Whitefish.

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Pet A Raw Food Diet

Source: Northwest Naturals

Similarly, RAW Rewards are delicious and nutritious freeze-dried treats for both cats and dogs that require no refrigeration, and these single-ingredient treats can be broken down easily and used as a nutritious meal supplement topper. Just remember to provide plenty of water to pair with this meal, as with all dry pet food! 

To get your hands on Northwest Naturals raw pet food, @reinbiotech supplies them to a variety of retail stores all around Singapore – simply contact them here to find out which store’s nearest to you! 

This article was written for Rein Biotech Services Pte Ltd.

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