Wow Wow Westie

Wow Wow Westie

With her pristine white coat and happy mug, it is no surprise Sasha the West Highland White Terrier has an impressive 18K following on Instagram. While the Westie is sweet and affectionate, Carrie tells us her precious furkid also has a diva side to her.

Wow Wow Westie
1. Hello Carrie, tell us about yourself!

I am a marketing manager and a self-taught baker.

2. Tell us about Sasha!

Sasha is a West Highland Terrier and is turning seven years old in December. She was bred in Australia and we adopted her when she was a year old.

3. What is the inspiration behind her name?

Sasha was her given name and we decided to stick with it as she seems happy with her name.

4. How did Sasha join the family?

We saw her adoption ad on Facebook, contacted the owner and it was love at first sight! My heart was won over the moment she placed her paw on my thigh. It was as if she was telling us that she is the one for us.

5. What was your first impression of Sasha?

I thought she was cute, friendly, and jovial. However, she was scrawny and her coat was not in its best state.

6. What is Sasha’s personality?

She is feisty, affectionate, mischievous, confident, and a diva.

7. What do you most love about her?

Her affectionate personality and her princessy character.

8. Can you share some memorable moments you have had with Sasha?

Watching her swim with her friends, preparing gourmet meals for her, our long strolls together, and cuddling with her. Every moment spent with her is special and memorable in its own way.

9. Does Sasha have a favourite hangout?

I think the company matters more to Sasha than the venue. If we are talking about just her, she likes exploring new places.

10. What challenges do you face as a pet owner?

Dealing with allergies to food and the environment, and fussiness during mealtimes. Also, looking after your pet at social gatherings, especially when it gets a little territorial.

11. Any advice for potential Westie owners?

Be aware of their food allergies, take precautions against potential skin allergies, and indulge your pup with outdoor activities. Brush your Westie daily to remove loose fur, and to prevent mats and tangles. Regular grooming sessions will aid in the healthy development of your Westie’s skin and coat. Do also keep an eye out for your dog’s diet!

Wow Wow Westie

Breed Group: Terrier
Average Lifespan: 13 to 15 years
Personality: Intelligent, confident, and active
Fun Fact: Westies were initially bred as working dogs to get rid of rats and other vermin.

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