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When A Dog And Cat Lover Gets Together: The Best Breeds For Both



Source: @mainecoonqueens

There are dog lovers, and then there are cat lovers. It’s very possible for people from both sides to fall in love and get together, but when it comes to choosing a pet, this might pose as a problem – who should be the one to compromise? Well, fret not, because there are dog-like felines and cat-like canines that will win the hearts of both partners, be it cat or dog person:

1. Papillon


Source: @monty.the.papillon

Highly intelligent and assertive in nature, the Papillon is a fiercely loyal dog, but it also has a personality very similar to cats. On some days they enjoy cuddling close to their owners, and on other days they’re constantly flitting around the house looking for insects and lizards to hunt. Dog lovers will be pleased to know that Papillons are highly trainable and ranked among the best toy breeds in obedience competitions too!

2. Shiba Inu


Source: @helloitstaro 

It might come as a surprise that such a popular dog breed actually possesses such a large number of feline qualities, but Shiba Inus are independent, spirited, and a stickler for hygiene.

Cat lovers will appreciate the fact that they love lurking around the house by themselves, hunting smaller creatures and insects with agility. They also enjoy keeping clean by licking and grooming themselves meticulously, so you can rest assured that this is not a dog that will jump into every puddle and leaf pile it sees.

3. Japanese Chin

Source: @sigichin 

Not many would have heard of the Japanese Chin, but this quick-witted little breed, also known as the Japanese spaniel, is playful and affectionate, yet sensitive and soulful at the same time.

Less hyperactive and prone to barking as compared to other toy breeds, the Japanese Chin is suitable for both dog lovers who don’t have the time to bring them out on walks often and cat lovers who prefer to stay indoors for some peace and quiet. They also have an effortlessly regal air to them, much like felines and their intrinsic grace, but they’ll always be up for a cuddle session too.

4. Ragamuffin


Source: @ragamuffin.hades

With a name as adorable as Ragamuffin, one can only wonder just how sweet this cat breed can be. The answer? Extremely. Known for acting a lot like lap dogs, Ragamuffins love receiving all kinds of attention from everyone in the family. Some Ragamuffins even have a tendency to follow their owners everywhere they go and greet them at the door, and are just very loyal canine-like companions overall.

5. Maine Coon


Source: @mainecoonqueens

If you’re Team Dog, a cat that grows up to as large as one-metre-long, loves water, and has an outgoing and sociable temperament might sound too good to be true – but that’s the Maine Coon for you. Possessing above-average intelligence and relatively easy to train, these gentle giants are devoted and playful furballs who are also independent and not at all clingy. In other words, they’re the perfect lifelong companion for those who can’t provide around-the-clock care.

6. Bombay


Source: @blackwolfblackpanther

Believe it or not, those of you who really want to enjoy some outdoor fun with your furry friend can do so with a cat – a Bombay cat. This breed is known to be very easygoing, active, and inquisitive, and they love to observe the outside world. In fact, Bombays are known to enjoy going for leash walks, meeting strangers, and even playing a game of fetch!

With a plethora of dog and cat breeds around in the world, it’s really no surprise that there exists a special few that are able to blur the line between the two species. Whether you’re compromising for your partner or just someone who can’t decide between adopting a cat or a dog, these breeds will show you the best of both worlds.

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