An Effective Solution to Pet Fur and Odour The ECOM® 030+ Japan Medical Grade Air Purifier

Why settle for anything but the highest quality of living for you or your fur-friend? Developed with cutting-edge technology and a passion for healthier living, the ECOM® 030+ Air Purifier is a testament to innovation in the realm of pet-friendly solutions. Out of the many air purifiers on the market, here’s one you should keep an eye out for — here’s why.

Advanced Technology for Cleaner Air

An innovator like no other, ECOM®’s 030+ Air Purifier is powered by the world’s first CIO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) patented technology — as a testament to its effectiveness, the efficacy of CIO2 is acknowledged by the World Health Organization, which classifies it as an A1 disinfectant. As compared to traditional air purifiers, the stable and continuous release of CIO2 more effectively neutralizes odours, pet dander, and airborne pollutants.

Unmatched Performance for Pet-Friendly Spaces

With the world’s first 8 fan-wheel design and a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 870m3/hour, the ECOM® 030+ exceeds industry standards, making it exceptional for larger pet-friendly spaces — for reference, the World Health Organization deems 600m3/hour as an acceptable delivery rate. Whether it’s pet hair, allergens, or lingering odours, this medical-grade air purifier ensures a breath of fresh air, covering over 1000 square feet with ease. Its efficiency is further underscored by its compliance with stringent global standards, including FDA, PSE, IEC, CE, and CQC certifications.

Healthy Living, Catered to You (and Your Pets!)

Beyond its remarkable performance, the ECOM® 030+ goes the extra mile in catering to pet owners’ needs with its intelligent features. Equipped with a real-time pollution detection system, it adjusts filtration levels dynamically, ensuring optimal air quality for both pets and their owners. Additionally, its whisper-quiet operation, registering at a mere 25 decibels, guarantees a peaceful environment conducive to both you and your pet’s restful slumber.

A Breath of Fresh Air

In terms of pet-friendly solutions, the ECOM® 030+ Air Purifier is a game-changer, offering not just cleaner air but a healthier and happier living environment for pets and their owners alike. Being recognized for its reliability and effectiveness, the ECOM® 030+ has received wide acclaim and is the official air purifier for the Singapore Cancer Society. The ECOM® 030+ has also been the official air purifier for the momentous National Day Parade for the NDP2024

If you’re not already convinced by these sparkling accolades, ECOM® is also bold enough to offer a 7-day free trial if you’re picking up the product from their office (or S$29.90 for two-way transport). Furthermore, set your mind at ease with a one-year full warranty on site, with no charges on service and parts. Additionally, use the exclusive coupon code clubpet100 for $100 off the purchase of the ECOM® 030+ Air Purifier when purchased on their website.

With its unparalleled technology, unmatched performance, and dedication to sustainability, the ECOM® 030+ Air Purifier stands as a testament to ECOM®’s commitment to redefining the standard of pet care. Say goodbye to pet-related odours and allergens – and say hello to a breath of fresh air with the ECOM® 030+.

Note: All images from ECOM® Singapore

Address: 63 Kaki Bukit Place, Singapore 416234

Telephone: +65 9819 9993


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