Understanding Dog Hydrotherapy and Its Benefits

Understanding Dog Hydrotherapy and Its Benefits


Which doggo doesn’t love jumping into a pool of water and cool off? Nearly every one of them, especially on hot days. Fun aside, did you know that there are many benefits to be had for letting your canine companion go a swim and splash around? From healing various ailments to relieving pain, as well as providing emotional comfort, there are a number of benefits that hydrotherapy for dogs offers.

Non-Weight Bearing Exercise

Understanding Dog Hydrotherapy and Its Benefits

Some disabled or overweight dogs can’t run as much as they’d like or get the exercise that they need. Hydrotherapy provides an avenue for them to exercise with minimum strain on their bodies, allowing them to swim as much as they are physically able to. The buoyancy of the water makes swimming a non-weight bearing exercising which overweight and disabled dogs should not have any problem with. Not only that, they’ll heal faster as well because of the improved circulation throughout their body.

Efficient and Effective

Understanding Dog Hydrotherapy and Its Benefits

Did you know that the benefits your dog reaps from a five-minute swim are equivalent to the benefits from a five-mile run?

Moving in water isn’t easy and the added resistance increases the advantages your dog gets from this mode of exercise. This means that your dog can work out for a shorter period of time while achieving the same or even better results. This is useful for dog owners who may not always have the time to go for a run with their pets.

Whole-Body Benefits

Hydrotherapy is beneficial to almost every one of your dog’s body systems. Everything from the skin to better circulation to its digestive, urinary, reproductive and even skeletal systems can improve after hydrotherapy.

Emotional Support

Understanding Dog Hydrotherapy and Its Benefits

All dogs are susceptible to emotional stress and anxiety, but older canines in particular, are prone to experiencing sadness and fear. The feeling of ageing and the injuries accumulated over the years take their toll in a way they simply cannot express to their owners. Not to mention the damage that was inflicted onto their bodies after surgeries.

While owners cannot really do anything to permanently relieve them of any discomfort, hydrotherapy for dogs has been proven to help ease the physical pain in dogs. Being in water provides them with a sense of safety and security, giving them the emotional support that they need in their later years.

Hydrotherapy for Dogs Requires Professional Assistance

Do keep in mind that there is a difference between going to a hydrotherapy clinic for expert help and going to a nearby lake, river or beach for a quick dip with your furry friend.

Understanding Dog Hydrotherapy and Its Benefits

Source: Pexels

While going swimming with your dog has its benefits, it is not the best idea if your dog is old, disabled, or recovering from surgery. In these cases, your dog may not have the necessary muscle strength to swim properly, and without the proper training, you won’t be able to give your dog the support it needs either, which may end up making things worse.

Trained professionals will be able to perform hydrotherapy for your canine to achieve the aforementioned benefits. So if you would like to give your canine companion some additional care and perhaps extra comfort, do consider hydrotherapy for dogs.

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