The Wonders of Probiotics & How It Creates A Healthy and Safe Environment

Pets, no matter their shapes and sizes, are man’s best friend.

As responsible pet owners, we give our fur kids the best whenever possible, from the best pet food to the best pet accessories, to keep our fur kids well and happy. Do you know that ensuring a safe and clean non-toxic environment is crucial for your pets’ health and well-being too?

So to all pawrents, choosing the best pet cleaning supplies will not only help to keep your pets healthy, happy and smelling fresh, but also keep cleaning easy and hassle-free! Have you found the right line of cleaning products that can cater to all your cleaning needs as a pawrent?

Introducing OOMMI Probiotics pet series, which uses a natural formulation that is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, yet safe and effective for your fur kids. OOMMI Probiotics leverages on Japanese Micro-Biotechnology expertise and the power of probiotics to deliver a range of environmentally-friendly products that prioritises the wellbeing and safety of pawrents and their fur kids. To be ultrasafe, they deliberately do not use any preservatives in their products.

Fun fact about probiotics:

Most people know probiotics as a supplement that keeps us healthy. But did you know that probiotics are actually a natural cleaner? When sprayed onto the skin, probiotics support the good bacteria that naturally calms inflammation and prevents bad bacteria from taking over. To survive in each bottle, the probiotics feed on plant based food grade glycerin, which is a well known skincare ingredient.

This is the core concept surrounding OOMMI Probiotics’ products! Their line of products covers all aspects required in your cleaning routine, including:

  • Pet care (Normal/Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo, Pet Skin Treatment, Eye & Ear Care, Pet Odour Eliminator, Pet Living Cleaner, Pet Laundry)
  • Home care (Multi-purpose Cleaner, Air & Fabric Spray, Laundry Detergent, Dishwashing Liquid, Lingerie & Corset Wash)
  • Baby Care (Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleaner, Baby Laundry)

We know, we know… Many products in the market have been marketed as super effective and efficient, but they often don’t work (as well) as advertised! With OOMMI Probiotics though, you can be assured that they’ll get the job done perfectly. In fact, the Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo, Pet Odour Eliminator, Pet Skin Treatment and Pet Eye and Ear Care have been the top favourites among pet owners. Read on to find out what the product does and what customers that have tried have to say!

Pet Shampoo & Skin Treatment:

Has your pet been constantly scratching themselves? If they are doing it excessively, it can be due to skin allergies caused by chemicals, yeast, harmful bacteria and fungi! Good news is, the shampoo you choose can help relieve the symptoms and eventually protect your pet from unnecessary health issues.

The OOMMI Probiotics Pet Shampoo, suitable for all pets, provides gentle deep cleaning to the pet’s coat/skin while keeping it moisturised! Available in two options – normal and hypoallergenic (for sensitive skin). Pawrents can choose the most suitable one for their pets, according to their skin condition.

This product is highly effective in protecting pets against common infections, skin problems, and boost the healing of itching, odour, dryness, dandruff, hotspots, skin allergies, fungal and excessive shedding! For faster and greater results visible within 1-2 weeks, we recommend pairing the shampoo with Pet Skin Treatment by applying the product 3 times a day on affected areas.

Here’s what a customer said after using the OOMMI Probiotics Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo & Pet Skin Treatment Spray:

Pet Eye & Ear Care:

It is important to keep your furry kid’s eyes and ears clean, clear and healthy. OOMMI Probiotics Eye & Ear Care is gentle enough to be used daily to clean and remove build ups and maintain good eye and ear health to prevent any irritations, itchiness, redness, and crusty discharge etc. In addition, cleaning the infected areas with the live microbes effectively aids healing of wounds and infections caused by harmful bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Here’s what a customer has to say after using the OOMMI Probiotics Pet Ear & Eye Care:

Pet Odour Eliminator:

As pawrents, we know how strong an odour can get when not properly managed. Many are guilty of trying to mask it with chemical air fresheners, but this only makes it worse, doesn’t it? Here is where the Pet Odour Eliminator comes in! Instead of masking odours, the live microbes in the unscented formula work to completely eliminate the unpleasant smell caused by bad bacteria. Here’s what it can efficiently remove: harmful bacteria, biofilm, allergens, organic matters, bad odours, and breaks down dust.This bottle of Pet Odour Eliminator spray is suitable for all surfaces, from fabrics, carpets, litter boxes, kennels, bedding, furniture/upholstery and car interiors.

It’s safe to be used around your pet’s mouth area (spray on a damp cloth and wipe around face/mouth area to remove oily residues after each meal), Moreover, It is highly recommended to spray the fur and paws before and after each walk, to maintain a healthy fur coat microbiome and to prevent infections caused by bad bacteria, fungi and yeast. This also gives you a peace of mind when you hug your furry kid to sleep at night!

Here’s what a customer has to say after using the OOMMI Pet Odour Eliminator for a month:

Pet Laundry:

With a fresh, crisp smell of organic apples, this specially formulated pet laundry liquid is suitable for both hand and machine washing. It is gentle yet effective and reduces the risk of rashes and allergies for both pets and humans.

The Pet Laundry liquid also works to overpower the bad bacteria, remove germs, biofilm and odour, remove dust, dirt and oil on surfaces, all while protecting the quality and colour of the pet items! Suitable for pet toys, cushions, blankets, and even floor mats – pawrents now do not need to be afraid of dull or torn fabric after washing!

Here’s what a customer has to say after using the OOMMI Probiotics Pet Laundry:

All in all, OOMMI Probiotics line of pet and home cleaning products are created with the intention to allow pawrents peace of mind by simplifying cleaning, and helping them to bid goodbye to bad bacteria and odours! When used together, pet owners will observe cleaner and healthier pets and home environments, where a perfect balance of good microbes will continue to clean for days and keep all bad bacteria away.

Now having said all these, have we mentioned that all OOMMI Probiotics’ products are free from sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals yet? What’s more, conscious pawrents will be glad to know that they are cruelty-free, non-toxic and biodegradable too! This is in line with OOMMI Probiotics’ belief in true and sustainable clean, an admirable feat and truly a company that cares!

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