The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Leashes come in many types, ranging from different materials and prices – so which is best? Here, we discuss the three that are most practical and commonly used.

1. Standard Leashes

Standard leashes are typically shorter, which allows the owner to gain more control over the dog. This type of leash is especially suitable for dogs that are overly active and disobedient or larger breeds that are stronger and tend to pull on the leash. Keeping the dog close to you is an important step to gaining control over it.

2. Kennel Leashes

Otherwise known as the Slip Lead, this leash is commonly used by veterinarians or kennel operators and meant to move dogs over short distances – from pen to pen, or from your house to car. This simple leash design requires no snaps or buckles, and hence is an easy one to put over your dog.

3. Retractable Leashes

This has become quite a popular choice among dog owners. It resembles a retractable measuring tape, made with a nylon band or cord and comes with a locking mechanism. Owners should note that this leash can only be used with dogs that are properly trained to walk. In addition, owners should beware of the distance between themselves and the dog; allowing the leash to be extended to a full length may arise to situations where the dog pulls on the leash, so the locking mechanism should be put in place at an appropriate extension.

Dog owners should be clear of the importance of having their pet leashed when they’re brought outdoors, which ensures safety of others and also keeps your dog from getting itself into precarious situations. Even if your dog has been trained, there are still possibilities of unforeseen circumstances of aggression that could be prevented with a leash.

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