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The Doggie Warped Wall and How to be a Dog Ninja Warrior

The Doggie Warped Wall and How to be a Dog Ninja Warrior

The Doggie Warped Wall and How to be a Dog Ninja Warrior

Source: @ninjawarrior

American Ninja Warrior has issued a challenge to all dog owners with their very own Doggie Warped Wall. A total of 20 brave contenders rose to the challenge, but the 3.7-metre Doggie Warped Wall – just some 0.7 metres lower than that of the humans’ – proved to be too high and steep for most. In the end, only 8 dogs successfully completed the obstacle.

The Challenge

From video highlights, Icon the Belgian Malinois couldn’t stop its barking, probably because it was eager to greet its owner at the top. While releasing its pent-up energy, the final leap to the top looked as if it was in slow motion and turned out to be a dramatic moment.

The Doggie Warped Wall and How to be a Dog Ninja Warrior

Emily posing by the Doggie Warped Wall
Source: @naughtydogwear 

Meanwhile, Emily the Border Collie had a slow start, but with three great jumps to the top, the 8-year-old managed to prove that age is just a number. Hedwig the Cattle Dog gave everyone a big laugh and even managed to steal some hearts with its endearing act. The clever furkid made its way to the top – but with its own way by using the stairs by the side of the wall.

Eventually, 2-year-old Motive the Pit Bull became the record holder and earned the prestigious title of American Dog Ninja Warrior.

For owners in Singapore who think that your dog’s got it, take up the challenge with these 3 local agility runs and classes! Under the guidance of a certified trainer, dog agility runs train you and your dog to work together as a team, and each obstacle course can be tailored to suit the needs of each dog, making agility runs suitable for all breeds:

Singapore Dog Agility

During a run, the dog follows the signal of its owner – in this case, its handler. Such signals include hand gestures, leg positions and even voice, hence the reason why the team at Singapore Dog Agility emphasises the importance of teamwork. They occasionally organise dog agility competitions, so you can bring your furkid to vie for the title of Singapore Ninja Warrior! Besides, this provides an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your dog and further strengthen the bond between you.

Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool

The Doggie Warped Wall and How to be a Dog Ninja Warrior

At the school, a dog following the signal of its handler
Source: Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool 

Bugle’s K-9 Training Skool offers a range of agility training programmes conducted in groups as well, including foundation, jumping and sequencing classes. The school is named after Bugle, a Miniature Schnauzer who took classes with trainer Cindy Cheong in the United States. Being a pawrent herself with a wealth of experience in dog training, Cindy understands the needs of owners and their dogs, and so promises both parties a safe and fun time at the school.

APawz DogSports Academy

From basic to advanced agility classes, APawz DogSports Academy offers different levels to build up your dog’s skills. You can even consider signing up for the fitness and conditioning class just to train your dog’s core muscle before sending it off to other classes. As an added bonus for busy pawrents, APawz DogSports Academy doubles as a daycare too, allowing your furry companion to socialise and exercise even in your absence.

While training with your dog, don’t forget that safety always comes first. Think of such agility runs as a lead up to the warped wall, and you and your furry companion will be well on your way to becoming the next Ninja Warriors!

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