Sick Cat Symptoms

Sick Cat Symptoms

Sick Cat Symptoms

Cats are often known to look healthy despite the onset of sicknesses. When a cat starts displaying more prominent symptoms, it is usually due to the development of the illness. Closely observing your cat’s behaviour can help you detect any possible health problems early for a more effective recovery.

Appetite Changes

Loss of appetite may be one of the most discernable changes to look out for in your cat’s behaviour. This may especially be told from leftover food in its bowl at the end of the day. However, it is important to make sure that you keep track of its food quantities so that changes can be detected earlier and more accurately. If the cat’s poor appetite persists for more than a day, bring it to see the vet immediately. This symptom may be representative of a variety of medical conditions, such as a simple gastrointestinal infection to a complex liver or kidney disease.

An increase in appetite is harder to detect, especially since cats are normally vocal in their demands for food. Hence, it is important to measure your cat’s weight regularly. Older cats are more likely to be affected which may indicate conditions such as hyperthyroidism, endocrine disorders and metabolic diseases.

Grooming Habit Changes

Cats are recognised for their pride in appearance and grooming themselves. Any lack of interest in grooming may be a sign of physical diseases and infections. On the contrary, excessive grooming often points to skin conditions such as flea and tick infestations. If this behaviour is evident in your cat, start reviewing the flea control treatments that you use.

Change in Litter Box Habits

Cats that visit the litter box more frequently or repeatedly urinate or defecate outside of the litter box may be indicative of a disease of the lower urinary tract or the large intestine. Straining to urinate normally signifies urethral obstruction.

It is important to notice the changes in your cat’s behaviour even if it seems insignificant. It is highly advisable to dedicate some personal time with your cat every day, so that you may take note of the above changes and curb any possible underlying health problems.

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