Ramadan Cat Couture

Ramadan Cat Culture

Ramadan Cat Couture

With another month of Ramadan coming to an end soon, you’re probably already dreaming of that buka puasa meal with your family and friends. Filled with mouth-watering beef rending, ketupat, lontong, soto ayam and the likes, as well as a time to unwind and celebrate the special day with your family. This season, don’t forget about your furry little feline friends too while you’re preparing your beautiful outfits for Hari Raya Puasa visiting!

Here we’ll show you a few ways on how you can dress your kitty up for this exciting festive celebration!

1. White Pointed Collar

Ramadan Cat Culture

For the chic and classy black cat, spruce them up with this cute white pointed collar that is guaranteed to bring out their inner gentleman (or gentlekitty!) Perfect for those who prefer a smart and minimalistic look.

Available on TheRoverBoutique at Etsy.com for SGD34.99.

2. Phoebe Blue Floral Bow Tie

Ramadan Cat Culture

Florals may look cute on you, but they’ll probably look even cuter on your furry little friends! Also available in Pink and Yellow, this nifty little bow tie will have your feline friends purring in happiness.

Available on TheKittyBlingBoutique.com for £14.99 (approx SGD28).

3. DIY Cat Bow Tie

Ramadan Cat Culture 3

Can’t find anything out there for your cat that matches your outfit? Fret not! This simple step-by-step cat bow tie guide ensures that you’ll be able to pick and choose any pattern you wish. Show your furry little feline how much you love them by making outfits to match.

Instructions available on Instructables.com.

4. Pelure Red Checkered Scarf

Ramadan Cat Culture

Understated but still adorable, this Pelure refillable scarf comes in a number of designs so you can change up your little feline’s look daily at an affordable price.

Available in 20+ other interchangeable designs as well on ThePetsCouture.com for SGD8 and up.

5. Pawglam Royal Glam Collars

Ramadan Cat Culture

With an assortment of designs available, let your kitty look and feel like the prince and princesses that they are with this bedazzled collar. Sure to catapult them into the spotlight for the day, your cat is guaranteed to be the star of your visiting!

Available in other designs as well on ThePetsCouture.com for SGD52 and up.

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