Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

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When it comes to choosing cat litter for your cat, many of us might consider factors such as its scent and convenience. However, what many cat owners fail to take into consideration are the potential dangers that different types of litter can bring about.

Read on to find out what are the health hazards posed by common cat litter, as well as how you can safeguard your kitty’s health!

Respiratory issues

Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

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Clay litter

One of the most popular and common choices among cat owners, clay litter contains small clay particles which creates large dust particles. When inhaled by your cat, these particles can cause respiratory problems such as feline asthma, which is an allergic reaction to inhaled allergens like clay dust particles.

Even if your cat does not have feline asthma, repeated and prolonged exposure to these particles can increase your cat’s risk of developing the condition. Symptoms of feline asthma include:

  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Rapid breathing
  • Coughing
  • Open-mouthed breathing

If you suspect that your cat is suffering from feline asthma, it is advisable to seek help from the veterinarian and switch to a dust-free cat litter to prevent her allergy from acting up.

Crystal Litter

Besides the dangers of feline asthma stemming from clay litter, another respiratory issue that your cat may suffer from is silicosis, which can be caused by the inhalation of silica dust from silica gel cat litter. Otherwise known as crystal litter, this poses a greater danger for cats with existing respiratory issues as silica dust acts as an airway irritant that worsens their breathing difficulties.

Gastrointestinal problems

Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

Source: C. Z. Shi on Unsplash

Clumping clay litter

Most cats have a habit of licking themselves clean after using the litter box, and in doing so, they might sometimes ingest some bits of litter. In some clumping clay litter, sodium bentonite is common a clumping agent used that may be harmful to cats when ingested as it contributes to the potential for an internal blockage. 

These sodium bentonite clay litter granules can expand up to 15 times its size when it comes into contact with moisture, which is how it may result in gastrointestinal blockages. Warning signs of such a blockage in your cat include diarrhoea, vomiting, inappetence, and lethargy. 


Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

Crystal litter with cobalt chloride

Due to its carcinogenic properties, silica gel crystal litter that contains cobalt chloride has often been associated with feline cancer. Used to indicate the moisture level in the litter, cobalt chloride gives silica gel crystal litter its signature blue colour that changes to red or pink when wet. However, most silica gel litters now avoid using cobalt chloride.

Keep your cat safe with World’s Best Cat Litter

Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

Source: @worldsbestcatlitter

If you are looking for a cat litter alternative that can solve your litter woes while protecting your kitty’s health, World’s Best Cat Litter is a worthy contender.

The brand offers a variety of natural cat litter formulas made from corn and no added chemicals, using a patented process that compresses the naturally-absorbant corn into concentrated granules that contain odour deep inside the litter and trap waste before it sticks to the box.

Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

Source: @worldsbestcatlitter

This makes it quick-clumping and 99% dust-free, which eliminates the potential danger of gastrointestinal problems if ingested and keeps your cat safe from developing respiratory issues, or having their existing respiratory conditions worsen.

Besides minimising potential health dangers, the World’s Best Cat Litter is also able to solve common problems that most cat owners face, such as convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is:

  • Flushable and septic-safe — You don’t have to bag it and throw it in the trash
  • Lightweight — It’s easier to carry back from the pet store
  • Effective — You can use less for longer
  • Sustainable — It’s eco-friendly!

Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

From left to right: Clumping Formula, Multiple Cat Clumping, Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping

Depending on your cat’s needs, you can select the most suitable one from their range of cat litters: Clumping Formula, Multiple Cat Clumping, Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping, Zero Mess Original, Zero Mess Pine Scented, and Picky Cat.

  • Clumping Formula — Most suitable for homes with one or two cats
  • Multiple Cat Clumping — A powerful litter solution ideal for households with many cats
  • Lavender Scented Multiple Cat Clumping — A 100% natural dust-free cat litter made with lavender oil for a fresh, floral fragrance
  • Zero Mess Original — Comes with a special blend of super-absorbent plant fibres that quickly trap liquids in tight clumps for less mess and more convenience
  • Zero Mess Pine Scented — Delivers the fast and easy cleanup of Zero Mess Original with an added blend of real pine ingredients for a subtle, pleasantly natural scent
  • Picky Cat — A multiple-cat-strength litter with added natural attractant to ensure that your kitten, newly-adopted cat, elderly cat, or fussy feline head into the box every time.

Potential Health Dangers Caused By Cat Litter

From left to right: Zero Mess Original, Zero Mess Pine Scented, and Picky Cat

If you are interested in purchasing the World’s Best Cat Litter, @reinbiotech supplies them to a variety of retail stores all around Singapore. Simply contact them here to find out which store’s nearest to you!

This article was written for Rein Biotech Services Pte Ltd.

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