Pets Welcome

Pet Welcome 1

Here at Regent Hotel you and your fur baby are welcome to indulge in their five-star accommodation

Words by Jobelle Tee

While you are out and about, kicking back to relax, a pang of guilt hits you – you wish your furry bud were here with you too! As fellow pet lovers, we can sympathise with this. That said, chancing upon a cafe, or even better, a hotel for us to spend some quality bonding time, ecstatic is an understatement. Which is why, you will be overjoyed to learn that Regent Hotel now extends their hospitality to your pets too!

The five-star, Four Seasons hotel cordially invites you to indulge in their pet-friendly retreat. Your furry baby will be welcomed with a personalised PuppyPack, which includes chew toys, treats and necessities. Regent Hotel also meticulously prepared an off-site dog-walking map and a range of amenities. For example, pet bed, water and food bowl, in-room pet menu and more. Finally, your pets can enjoy the luxurious sanctuary you have always enjoyed. We know, nothing pleases us than more than seeing our pets thoroughly enjoying themselves, with wagging tails and lit up eyes.

That, Regent Hotel understands too. Regent Singapore General Manager, Peter Draminsky said: “Pets are seen as part of the family. A lot of time, energy and love are put into taking care of them and sometimes it is not easy to be away from them. With our Pet Staycation Package, we are providing pet owners with the option to get some rest and recreation, while still having their pets close to them.” The Regent Hotel is sincere in extending the same warm welcome to both you and your pets!

Besides providing a comfortable hotel for your pets to chill from the sweltering weather, Regent Hotel also provides scrumptious meals for them. Pooches get to gobble up The Rin Tin Tin, a juicy, sirloin burger topped with chopped vegetables. Our whiskered friends can lick up Cat’s Meow, which is achoice of either baked tuna or salmon. However, like us humans, our darling pets can have specific dietary requirements too. Thus, the Executive Chef Simone Cerea and his culinary team are always ready to customise meals for your pets. He remarked: “Preparing a meal for a pet can be very sensitive, so it is essential to keep pet owners involved in the process. Every detail is taken into consideration to ensure that the meals are prepared according to the guests’ specific requirements”.

The next time you are planning for a little get-away to include your four-legged buddies, keep Regent Hotel in mind. The special pet staycation packages combines with an array of amenities to bring you and your pet a paw-fect, pampering time together at the Regent Hotel!

Pet Welcome 2

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