How to Choose the Right Groomer for Your Pet

So, it’s time for your pet to have a good scrub and brush-down once again!

It can be a little tricky figuring out which of the many salons in Singapore is best suited to your pet (There are nearly two hundred dog salons alone!). Whether you’ve only recently become a cat or dog owner, or simply haven’t found the right groomer for your pet yet, we’ve compiled a list of considerations for you to be able to nail your perfect choice!

1. Your Pet’s Needs

In Singapore, basic grooming packages normally consist of a bath, nail trimming, and shaving of fur in essential areas. Grooming salons are equipped to host a wide variety of breeds, however you could always ask your groomer whether they cater to your pet’s breed or have experience with it.

Do you have a collie with an especially dense undercoat? Or a poodle with hair that tends to mat easily? Maybe you have a Persian cat with gorgeous fur that needs delicate handling. Asking your groomer essential questions about their services may help ease your mind and determine whether you are comfortable leaving your pet in their care.

2. Certifications

While some countries abroad have specific licensing available for groomers, there aren’t many internationally recognised grooming certifications. What you can do, instead, is look out for grooming salons with a team of professionally trained staff. Most trained professionals in Singapore have completed apprenticeships or private courses.

Once you determine a salon is able to cater to your pet, looking up customer reviews or the salon’s years of experience in the grooming industry will create a helpful snapshot of their capabilities and what you can expect.

3. Services

Many grooming salons offer a basic package and a full package, which includes cutting and styling your pet’s fur on top of the default services for your dog and cat.

Alternatively, some salons offer ‘ala-carte’ services if you do not require a package. Anaesthesia free general dental services are available, as well.

Grooming salons in Singapore even offer spa services such as those with bath salts, mud or moisturising products.

It’s worth noting though, that frequent baths and spas may be detrimental to your pet. ‘Over-bathing’ may lead to dry skin and subsequent conditions. This especially applies to cats who only require a bath now and again, as they are able to keep their coats spick and span on their own.

4. Take a Tour

Where will your pet be housed at the salon?

Would they be comfortable in the type of cages provided? Is the environment clean and suitable for your pet in particular? These questions will likely be answered by a quick trip to the salon, before you bring your pet for a visit.

You may want to take the time to check out the grooming salon’s shampoos and other products used, such as dental gels. Some owners may prefer natural shampoos with eco-friendly and gentle ingredients–and sure enough, most salons do opt for these organic, hypoallergenic formulations. However, if your pet has sensitive skin or other health issues you may want to request if you can bring your own shampoo for them to use.

Of course, these days, online reviews and the company’s personal social media platforms are a great way to familiarise yourself with the salon and determine its fit.

5. Your Pet’s Demeanour

How is your pet after a grooming session? The first trip to the salon may be nerve-wracking for your pet, too. If you know you have a cat or pup with a nervous disposition, creating positive association with going to the salon may be a good idea. Allow your pet to relax before heading there with treats and play-time.

However, if you notice your pet persistently stressed before and after visits, you may want to consider switching to a different groomer with an environment better suited to your pet–whether that’s one with groomers with more experience with your pet, or one less frequented by other owners for a quieter space.

You may even want to consider going to a veterinarian for services such as clipping nails or dental cleaning if your pet is too stressed, unwell or even aggressive. Some deep cleaning dental procedures may even be done under anaesthesia if needed.

6. Grooming At Home

Alternatively, regularly grooming your pet at home may reduce the work that needs to be done at a salon. Cats are generally low-maintenance, and brushing through their fur at home goes a long way in terms of the fur-care they require. For dogs, home grooming may not be a perfect replacement for a salon’s services, but regular brushing will keep your pet’s fur free of tangles and matting.

Overall, grooming may seem like a fussy process in the beginning, but at the end of it all, your beloved pet will be healthy, soft and clean!

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