Getting a Pet Hamster: 4 Key Things to Know Beforehand

Getting a Pet Hamster 4 Key Things to Know Beforehand

Adopting a pet is undoubtedly an excellent decision that will lead to plenty of rewarding experiences, but it’s important to note that it also comes with a big responsibility. For those who have not had a pet before, it’s best not to underestimate what it’s like to care for another living being.

As you may already know, pets like cats and dogs need a lot more than just sufficient food and a warm home. They need plenty more to live a good and healthy life, such as vaccines, regular vet check-ups, and any other medical treatments they may require.

Since these everyday pets can often be too much to handle at first, it’s recommended to start small, like a hamster. If you’re considering getting these cute balls of fluff as a pet, here are a few things you need to know before visiting a pet shop.

1. Don’t Keep Males and Females in One Place

Source: Pexels

If you get more than one hamster, make sure of their gender and separate those of the opposite sex. The reason is that two possibilities will occur if you keep them in the same place: they will either fight or breed.

Also, be aware that hamsters come in different breeds. Some breeds can live peacefully with one another (as long as they’re of the same sex), but others cannot. One of these breeds that belong in the latter category is Syrians. It’s important to note that if ever you get this breed of hamsters, it’s best to isolate them since they are highly territorial and will be hostile towards others, even their own kind.

2. Get Them Plenty of Exercise

Getting a Pet Hamster 4 Key Things to Know Beforehand

Source: Unsplash

Despite their small size, hamsters need plenty of exercise, with those that live in the wild typically running for miles every night. Therefore, give them the means to run around and work out by getting a cage with a wheel in it. Alternatively, you may also purchase a hamster ball and let them out for at least a couple of minutes each day to roll about the house and get the exercise they need.

3. They’re Nocturnal Creatures

Getting a Pet Hamster 4 Key Things to Know Beforehand

Source: Unsplash

Here’s a fun fact: hamsters are nocturnal animals! These little fluffballs will typically be most active at night-time and doze off come morning. As such, don’t be alarmed when you notice that they don’t do much except sleep during the daytime.

4. Keep Them Away from Loud Noises

Getting a Pet Hamster 4 Key Things to Know Beforehand

Source: Pexels

Hamsters mainly rely on their ears and noses to get around, which means anything that makes a loud sound around the house, like your vacuum, loud music, and anything else that can frighten them. At worst, these noises could impair their rest and health, especially if they occur during the daytime when they’re asleep. Thus, keep them somewhere quiet and speak softly when interacting with them. Also, refrain from tapping their cage or making unnecessary noises when near them.

Hamsters: Charismatic Fluff Companions

No matter what your reason may be, getting a hamster for a pet is undoubtedly a good decision you can make. Unlike most pets, they require little to be happy while still being fun fluffballs to have around. However, just like the rest, they’re still susceptible to illnesses, so it’s recommended to have them checked out at vets frequently.

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