Get Your Critter Fitter

Get Your Critter Fitter

Small pets need exercise just as much as bigger pets do. Most of it can be obtained from their playtime activities, which can keep them both healthy and occupied.

The Munchies

Gnawing is a favourite activity for lots of small animals. Some pets such as bunnies, guinea pigs and chinchillas must chew in order to maintain their dental health and keep their teeth trimmed. Without chew toys, they are bound to chew on their food bowls and even on their cages. Consider buying your pocket pet a vegetable-flavoured or plain wood chew toys in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes – or even a hard alfafa cube.

Going Down Under

Burrowing and tunneling are some natural activities for small animals. Great toys for these activities are tunnels and hiding places, which can be found in the form of plastic, wood, hemp or rope in several colours, shapes and sizes. Some can be joined together to create a maze for your small pets. Alternatively, you can make inexpensive burrows for your critters with cardboard centres of toilet paper rolls, which can be easily replaced when soiled or chewed.

Tiny Gyms

Pets such as rabbits are, by nature, curious and fun loving creates in need of mental stimulation and physical exercise. Those without an outlet for these natural tendencies can become bored, lonely, overweight, destructive or depressed. Most rabbits enjoy digging and chewing, so give your rabbit toys that it can dig into or chew. Good chew toys include sea-grass or maize mats, untreated wood, rabbit-safe branches or twigs, untreated willow or wicker baskets.

Change the toys in your critter’s cage from time to time as it loses interest in them, and reintroduce them at a later time. Keep your pet safe by giving toys that do not have small pieces that it can ingest. And by all means, get on the ground and play with your pet! As you get to know your critter better, you’ll discover which toys or games it prefers.

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