Furry and Famous 01

We’ve all heard of the Queen Elizabeth’s legendary Welsh Corgis, Paris Hilton’s incredibly pampered Chihuahua Tinkerbell, and Michael Jackson’s moonwalking chimpanzee Bubbles. And in recent times, the spotlight is being shone on a hip, new generation of celebrity pets like Cara Delevingne’s precious bun-bun Cecil, Miley Cyrus’s porky companion Bubba Sue, and Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog duo, Bo and Sunny.

But we must admit we prefer our headline-making animals to be more than just a pretty face; be it through an unforgettable online persona or an interesting backstory. For the famous pets with a little more bite (figuratively, of course), we round up three too-cool furry friends to check out.

Choupette the Cat

Furry and Famous 01

Image from Le Figaro

Looking every bit the spoiled puss, Choupette is the treasured feline of Karl Lagerfield, Chanel’s head of design and creative director. Bequeathed as a gift from French model Baptiste Giabiconi, she is a beautiful Birman with light cinnamon markings on a white coat (a colour likened to that of an exquisitely toasted marshmallow) who boasts over 70,000 followers on Instagram. With two maids, Françoise and Marjorie, on standby to see to her every whim and fancy, and an impressive portfolio of several interviews with fashion magazines, Choupette is indeed a star living the high life.

Fluffy the Bunny

Furry and Famous 02

Image from katenash.com

We love nothing more than a sweet story of a charming pet that overcomes adversity and changes its owner for the better – and London native musician slash animal rights activist Kate Nash’s lop-eared rabbit Fluffy fits the bill perfectly. When Fluffy was diagnosed with cancer, Kate made the decision to become a vegetarian to support her beloved pet. Along with fellow pop singer Leona Lewis, Kate also snapped a photo with Fluffy and posted it on Twitter, along with a declaration of her support for Human Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign, a scheme that aimed to end global animal cosmetics testing.

Jack the Wolf-Hybrid

Furry and Famous 03

Image from Tumblr @ Real Wolf DogsNow this is something that may come as a surprise for some people. Kristen Stewart, the American actress who played the werewolf-dating Bella Swan in the Twilight film series, actually owns a similarly wolf-ish creature. Named Jack, the canine is a wolf-dog hybrid breed and is one of a few others that reside at her family’s residence. Back during an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in 2010, she described her pet as “really sweet” and very much legal to keep. All of her wolf-hybrids were rescued by her mother Jules.
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