Clean with confidence using GK-GermKiller® pet-friendly disinfectants!

Clean with confidence using GK-GermKiller® pet-friendly disinfectants!

A familiar tale for pet owners

If you have pets, this scene might prove to be all too familiar for you – envision a bright Sunday morning, where you make a leisurely breakfast in the kitchen. The tantalising smell of the muffins has your dog, Lucky, drooling from its scent. Worked up in excitement over the smell, Lucky darts up the countertop to grab the muffins, running all over the house and leaving remnants of drool. What’s more, once Lucky has had his fill, he defecates all over the house, causing the once pristine living room to resemble a crime scene.

Beyond such streaks of mischief, cleaning up after pets in general can prove difficult; from fur shedding, foul smell and maintaining overall hygiene at home. Most pet owners are unsure on what kind of cleaning solutions can help to eliminate the smell and pathogens safely and effectively.

Solutions to solve your problems!

If the above sounds like something you might have experienced, fret not! GK-GermKiller® offers the solution to your problems. GK-GermKiller® is the only made in Singapore brand that has gone through the most rigorous tests done for safety and efficacy in the market! Safe, effective and formulated with care, GK-GermKiller® is undoubtedly the best choice awaiting your selection.

GK-GermKiller® is tested safe and non-toxic in accordance with OECD Testing Guidelines of Chemicals for health effects. It is also tested to be non-irritating to the eyes and skin. As GK GermKiller® has passed such stringent checks, pet owners can be rest assured that GK-GermKiller® would have no issues pertaining to safety and efficacy. Thereon, they can clean the surrounding areas and accessories of their furbabies with assurance and confidence!

Parvovirus, Leptospirosis and Ringworm are some of the common viruses, bacteria and fungus that might linger on your pets’ accessories, the house when they move around, or any surfaces they come into contact with. This, unfortunately, might cause them to fall ill. As pet owners, it is essential to disinfect the house and your pets’ accessories to safeguard their health. GK Concentrate™️ & GK Surface™️ guards against a wide range of pathogens, making it a top-notch choice!

As pet owners, you might encounter unpleasant smells from your pets – attributed to drooling, pee or poo. GK-GermKiller® disinfectants help in eliminating these odours as it tackles odour-causing bacteria, instead masking the smell with fragrance. Now, you’ll never have to go another day worrying about your pets’ accessories or your house smelling foul!

Clean with confidence using GK-GermKiller® pet-friendly disinfectants!

Walking your dog

For owners who walk your dogs regularly, you certainly know how easily they get dirty and how much germs might remain on them.

Say goodbye to worries about harmful bacteria, when our star product GK Paw Sanitiser is available! GK Paw Sanitiser promises to eliminate up to 99.99% of germs on your furry friend’s paws, body and even their sensitive areas. The alcohol-free formulation is designed to be non-drying and non irritating, making it ideal for your furries to use comfortably. It also leaves an active antimicrobial film, protecting your furry customers while leaving it lightly scented. But here’s what makes GK Paw Sanitiser life-changing: no rinse is required after application, which means pet owners can go out and about as fuss free as possible.

Knowing that pet hygiene will be taken care of certainly eases the burden of pet owners – GK Paw Sanitiser is definitely a must-have for every outing with your furries, to make it an enjoyable one!

Clean with confidence using GK-GermKiller® pet-friendly disinfectants!

GK-GermKiller® disinfectants

While we’ve gone extensively into the safety of GK-GermKiller® products, we’re not neglecting their range of disinfectants that you can easily incorporate into your cleaning routine! Count on the versatile GK Concentrate™️ to take care of your needs when it comes to deep cleaning pet accessories, wiping general and large surfaces, and mopping floors. Additionally, GK Surface™️ offers a ready to use cleaning solution; pet owners can simply spray it on pee and poo areas and wipe it away for a quick clean to disinfect and eliminate smell. Last but not least, you can look forward to wrapping up your cleaning routine by generously spraying GK Air™️ in shared living spaces with your pets. What a stellar way to eliminate germs and odour in the air so everyone can enjoy clean, fresh air!

The choice that awaits

A clean and healthy home is essential for the happiness and well-being of yourself and your pets. With GK-GermKiller® disinfectants, you can clean with confidence knowing it is safe and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 👀

Clean with confidence using GK-GermKiller® pet-friendly disinfectants!

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