Big Dog Pet Food: The Secret To Your Pet’s Glowing Health

Big Dog Pet Food The Secret To Your Pet’s Glowing Health

We have all heard the saying that goes “What you study doesn’t necessarily correspond with what you end up doing later on in life.” Well, for Chris Essex, it did. Equipped with a background in food science, Chris went on to become the Founder of Big Dog.

While most people are aware that a clean diet is essential for a healthy pet, many overlook the importance of the freshness of the food.

What Makes Big Dog Pet Foods So Special?

Big Dog is a company that specializes in producing raw pet foods. While there are hundreds of companies doing the same thing, Big Dog is a big believer in nature and its offerings. That is to say that there is absolutely nothing synthetic in any product of Big Dog. Aside from the au naturel components of the food, the entire supply chain of the company adopts ethical practices. From ethical sourcing to sustainable farming, Big Dog Pet Food has everything under strict quality control.

“If it’s not natural, it’s not Big Dog”

With this catchy slogan in mind, you should be delighted to hear that this means that Big Dog’s pet food DOES NOT contain preservatives, or any artificial additives, including synthetic vitamins and minerals.

What Is A Raw Diet and Why Should You Make The Switch?

Big Dog Pet Food The Secret To Your Pet’s Glowing Health

While raw pet diets come in many forms, the hottest model in the market is the BARF diet. An acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, this model is descended from the evolutionary diet of wild animals. The products at Big Dog are mimicks the respective wild animal’s diet!

What Are The Benefits of A Raw Diet?

With raw foods comes the absence of cooking. This means that the raw food retains all its juicy nutrients. Cooking food denatures the proteins, nutrients, and necessary enzymes to provide your pet with a healthy diet. While there are alternatives to cooking like freezedrying and airdrying, these processes still undergo a certain level of heat treatment.

So, what exactly is in the product?

Big Dog Pet Food The Secret To Your Pet’s Glowing Health

Well, everything that a wild dog or cat would eat if it were to hunt on its own, in the wild! Every detail is looked into. That means that even the percentages of nutrients are replicated to utmost accuracy: 80% muscle meat and offal, 10% crushed real bone, 5% fresh vegetables and fruit and 5% other healthy ingredients

How Will My Pets Benefit From Big Dog Pet Foods?

Big Dog Pet Food The Secret To Your Pet’s Glowing Health

Thanks to the company’s strict temperature-controlled processes, Big Dog provides customers with the viability of nutrients that are highly digestive for your pets. The enzymes in the food, along with the probiotics, prebiotics, macros (like proteins and fats) will provide a balanced diet for your pet.

During the event, we had some time to sit down and have a chat with Chris. Read on to find out more about Big Dog Pet Food!

Is it a balanced diet?

After undergoing feeding trials to various subjects, the results have proven that Big Dog’s products provide a balanced diet.

What is the current outlook on raw pet foods in the market right now?

Chris believes that the raw food sector is growing at an exponential rate, along with pet treats. Compared to when the company was founded 22 years ago, information on raw foods and raw food diet are currently more widely available. So, what is stopping you from making the switch?

Can pets with various condition consume Big Dog’s products?

Big Dog Pet Food The Secret To Your Pet’s Glowing Health

Big Dog offers a range of pet food that tailors to your pet’s condition. Overall, the raw food diet is suitable for most pets with underlying conditions, as it provides a clean, fresh and healthy diet.


Big Dog Pet Food The Secret To Your Pet’s Glowing Health

This is your sign to level up your pet’s health. Explore what the raw food diet has to bring to your pet with Big Dog! To understand more about their pet food range and whether it suits your pet, head to their website to find out more.

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