Best Christmas Presents For Pets That Won’t Break The Bank

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to shop for a present that your pet will absolutely love! Let’s pay homage to the love and joy that they’ve brought to our lives. Here’s a list of top Christmas presents for every pet out there in Singapore. They even double up as gifts for pet lovers.

The ultimate rest and relaxation bed for your doggie – Dreamcastle Coby Cooling Dog Bed

Sleep is the number one healer and restorer for any dog who wants to live longer. Calling all dog owners – choose to be different by buying a dog bed made of organic Kapok fibre rather than synthetic fibre. Not only is organic fibre more comfortable, but it also keeps your dog cool in warm weather and prevents the growth of mould or mites. Being safe, hypoallergenic, breathable and toxic-free, there’s nothing to dislike about this doggie bed. The bedcover is machine washable and removable so you won’t need to worry about more chores. Let your dog wake up with infinite joy the next morning after a night of deep and essential sleep.

Swing out in style with the perfect cat carrier – Ferplast Carrier Malibu

Bet you’ve always wanted to bring your restless cat out to the park but just couldn’t find the correct accessory for it. Here’s the ultimate cat carrier that will have you travelling out and about conveniently! The Ferplast Carrier is designed to fit most cats. Fear not about suffocation as it’s designed to provide breathability with sufficient space to move around. At the same time, you’ll look as though you’re carrying a normal bag. It comes in 3 colours so you can choose one that best fits your personality or your cat’s gender.

Help your fishes feel better – Tetra EasyBalance

Designed for all fishes and plants in freshwater aquariums, the Tetra Easybalance helps reduce the number of water changes required by keeping the water biologically healthy for up to 6 months. By minimizing chemical changes in water quality, your fishes get a better quality of life. It reduces phosphate and nitrate, thereby preventing excessive algae growth. Furthermore, this product adds valuable vitamins, trace elements, and minerals. Say goodbye to having to change the water in your fish tank almost every day. 

Ensure your bird gets sufficient nutrition – eCotrition Vita-Sol Multi-Vitamin

Your bird might be fine and dandy in its cage, but it’s important not to neglect its nutrition! Introducing a water-soluble multivitamin concentrate that supplies vitamins that are super important for your bird’s growth and nutrition. It serves up as a daily liquid supplement so your pet bird can consume it comfortable regularly.

A fruity treat for small animalsAniman Tropical Fruits Pineapple

Calling all owners of small animals like hamsters, chinchillas or rabbits. This Christmas party, gift your pet with a fruity pineapple treat. At just over $5, you can purchase multiple packs to last for the next calendar year.  If your pet seems to be tired of always eating the same stuff, this is a wonderful time to stock up on treats that don’t break the bank.

Stay tuned for more articles as we help owners bond better with their pets and lead better lives.

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