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Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Heat stroke is a form of ‘non-fever’ hyperthermia that in serious cases, may lead to multiple organ damage. With the unrelenting sun beating down more often than ever upon Singapore, it is evermore crucial to guard our pets (and ourselves!) from the dangers of heat stroke. Here are some pointers to note if you decide to head out with your pet:

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

Warm weather will raise the temperature of your car’s interior to unbearable and even dangerous levels, even if the windows are rolled down. Unless you’re going to spend a long time busy with grocery shopping, you may instead leave your pet leashed outdoors for a short period of time.

Drink Up

Animals need a constant supply of water, whether indoors or out. Make sure that your pet’s water bowl is always replenished and kept full. When taking out your dog for a stroll, bring along enough water for the both of you, together with a disposable bowl that it can drink from.

Rub On the Lotion

Pets are also susceptible to sunburn, especially if it has light fur and skin. Owners should never assume that a pet’s fur coat is enough to provide ample protection from the sun. Sunburn in animals is similar to what we experience: pain, peeling, and an increasing risk of skin cancer. Apply sunscreen over areas that are not protected by fur such as its ears, near the lips and the tip of the nose.

Allow Them Out for Short Periods

Owners are advised to not leave their pets out in the open on hot and humid days for long periods of time. They require supervision, and might develop illnesses instantly if their body temperature rises to dangerously high levels.

Heatstroke is fatal and should be attended to immediately. If your pet appears to suffer from heatstroke (excessive drooling and panting, vomiting blood, seizures, unconsciousness, and so on), bring it to the nearest veterinarian immediately. You can attempt to lower your pet’s body temperature by applying cool and wet towels to the less hairy areas of its body.

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