Antinol® Rapid: Your Pet’s Newly Improved Go-To Supplement

Antinol® Rapid Your Pet’s Newly Improved Go-To Supplement

If you have been following Clubpets for a while, you should be familiar with Antinol®, a 100% natural anti-inflammatory supplement, endorsed by veterinarians and pet parents worldwide for the management of Osteoarthritis in dogs and cats.

After years of research, there is now another revolutionary product for your pets! An improved formula, Antinol® Rapid boasts a unique nutrient synergy that boosts your pet’s ability to benefit from the supplement in the most optimal way.

What is Antinol® Rapid?

Antinol® Rapid is a potent blend of two marine lipid extracts – PCSO-524®, a lipid extract from the NZ green lipped mussel + high phospholipid krill oil, chosen for their unique synergistic efficacy in a formula called EAB-277™.  The formula contains more than 90 free fatty acids in the full Omega-3 spectrum including ETA, OTA, EPA, DHA and other key polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and antioxidants.

How is Antinol® Rapid different from Antinol®?

Antinol® Rapid contains two marine lipids – PCSO-524® + high phospholipid Krill oil – in a blend called EAB-277™ [Antinol® contains only PCSO-524].

The two marine lipids are potent anti-inflammatories in their own right, but the EAB-277™ blend has been proven via laboratory tests to be more effective than either of the individual lipids alone i.e. a synergistic effect!

Furthermore, the krill oil enhances the body’s ability to absorb and use the active ingredients. So expect greater efficacy!

Is Antinol® Rapid Safe for My Pet?

Antinol® Rapid can be safely given to all breeds of dogs and cats, young and senior. Unlike NSAIDs, Antinol® Rapid does not affect the kidneys or liver and can be safely given on a long-term basis even to pets with chronic kidney disease or liver conditions.

New to Antinol® Rapid? Here’s What To Expect

Antinol® Rapid Your Pet’s Newly Improved Go-To Supplement

Our mission is to keep happiness in motion for your pet.  By feeding Antinol® Rapid, you are supporting their mobility with a highly potent, clinically proven, and safe supplement, keeping them active and living life to the full.

90% of dogs and cats show enhanced comfort + mobility within two weeks of starting Antinol® Rapid.

Most dog parents report that their dog:

  • Is healthier and happier
  • Is more energetic
  • Wants to go on walks again
  • Climbs stairs with greater ease
  • Resumes playing with their toys or other dogs
  • Returns to jumping into the car

Most cat parents report that their cat:

  • Returns to jumping easily
  • Can climb stairs easily
  • Wants to play again
  • Is happier and more sociable

But most importantly, both you and your pet get to enjoy each other again!

Antinol® Rapid: Your Pet’s Newly Improved Go-To Supplement

Is Antinol® Rapid Available in Singapore?

Antinol® Rapid recently arrived in Singapore and is available at the veterinary clinics. Your vet should be able to advise you on how Antinol® Rapid can help your pet, as well as provide holistic advice on how to maintain your pet’s joint health in the best possible condition.

Feel free to ask Anitnol any questions here!

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