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A Guide to Taking Care of Your New Puppy

A Guide to Taking Care of Your New Puppy

If you’re a first-time puppy parent, then it is important for you to educate yourself as a new dog owner. Aside from the usual responsibility of providing food and water, pawrents should keep their pets happy and healthy by meeting their grooming and nutritional needs.

To help in your transition to pawrenthood, here are some ways to take care of your new furkid:

Make a Visit to the Vet

The first step is to take your puppy to the local vet in Singapore (add title tag to hyperlink “Singapore Vets, Vet in Singapore”) for an initial round of vaccines. This, coupled with follow-up vaccinations as per the vet’s given schedule, helps protect your puppy against diseases such as rabies, parainfluenza and parvo.

Name Your Puppy

A Guide to Taking Care of Your New Puppy

Name your puppy so it goes to you when called
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Just as we do, your furkid needs a name when it gets introduced to the family. For this, you can choose to go with your gut feeling and be surprised as your puppy eventually grows to fit its name. However, for the sake of simplicity and convenience, the name should be of appropriate length. This will also help your puppy get used to it quickly so it can respond when called.

Lay Down House Rules

“My house, my rules” – if you’re a believer of that, then you should set those boundaries right from the get-go. Since puppies learn better, get your furkid into a routine and stick to it. One of the most common problems new pet owners face is potty training, so you have to make sure that you’re able to be present whenever your pet is about to go to direct it to its designated potty area.

To reward your puppy for good behaviour, do use positive reinforcement such as offering treats and praise. Above all, be consistent with your rewards to avoid confusion.

Help Your Puppy Feel at Home

A Guide to Taking Care of Your New Puppy

A pug resting in her bed
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According to your puppy’s needs for support and comfort, a wide range of beds in different shapes and sizes are available on the market. Just like humans, those with bedding and mattresses are better for your pup’s spine and joints, and you can keep your puppy warm and cosy on cold, rainy days!

If possible, avoid putting your furkid in a cage for long hours unattended – being confined in an unfamiliar environment may cause unnecessary stress.

Provide Grooming
For at-home grooming, daily brushing will help your pet achieve a sleek and shiny coat, especially during shedding season. While you should give your dog regular grooming at home, it is best to make a trip to the professional pet groomers every so often, which is best for owners who find tasks such as nail trimming and teeth cleaning too daunting.

With the rise of mobile pet grooming services, grooming has become more accessible too – it is no hassle at all to help your puppy look and feel great!

Get to Know Your Puppy
While we may have various commitments to attend to and social circles to hang out with, your puppy will only have you in his/her world. Make sure to shower him/her with sufficient affection, quality time, and positive reinforcements so that he/she will become more open and trusting of you – in turn, you’ll be able to discover and witness all your puppy’s endearing quirks and charms as it matures into an adult.

Whether you are a first-time pawrent or not, a new pet always brings with it a fresh and exciting experience. While your puppy will need time to warm up to you, all the care and pamper you offer will eventually be worth your while.

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