6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

For the Kitty lover

Got a friend who’s obsessed with all things catty and cute? Or are you the cat lady or crazy cat guy in your friends’ lives? Whichever it is, check out some purrfect gifts you can get for any cat lover!

1. Cat Coaster

6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

As you sip on your favourite cuppa, you are bound to be in need of a coaster to protect your table from unsightly water stains – while you’re at it, why not get cute cat coasters to have you squealing with delight every time you lift your cup? There is a coaster available for every mood you’re feeling – whether you’re sad, pensive, happy, or grumpy.

Cat Coaster, $1.29 from Shopee

Website: https://shopee.sg/Cat-cute-coaster-silicone-coaster-insulation-mat-anti-slip-mat-bowl-mat-Placemat-i.11425471.2030509795

2. Cat Eye Mask

6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Sold in beige, pink, orange, and green, this Cat Eye Mask blocks out light for you to get some well-deserved shut-eye. Who knows, amidst your uninterrupted deep sleep, you may be lucky enough to have a dream encounter with your dearest Kitty!

Cat Eye Mask, $1.66 from Shopee

Website: https://shopee.sg/Cat-Eye-Mask-Home-Travel-Goggles-Shading-Sleep-Eye-Mask-Sleep-Snoring-Eyemask-i.23077028.2201700093

3. Cat Cooking Mould

6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Make cooking feel like less of a chore with this Cat Cooking Mould, which makes your breakfast in the shape of your favourite animal – can you even bear to eat it? If you can, then feel free to use this tool to add some artistic flavour to your cooking for a perfect sunny-side up that is both delicious and fun to eat!

Cat Cooking Mould, $1.70 from Shopee

Website: https://shopee.sg/Hello-Kitty-Silicone-Fried-Egg-Mold-Egg-Mold-Breakfast-kitchen-Cooking-Tools-i.84158377.1446469578

4. Cat Chopstick Rest

6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

How catwaii! To spice up your mealtimes, set your dining table with this Cat Chopstick Rest that comes in five different positions. While this is perfect for everyday use, you can choose to save it for special occasions and whip them out when guests are over to upgrade the overall dining experience and be the subject of envy.

Cat Chopstick Rest, $1 from Shopee

Website: https://shopee.sg/1pc-Ceramic-Cute-Lucky-Cat-Chopsticks-Spoon-Fork-Rest-Stand-Holder-Rack-Kitchen-i.84711731.1591426489

5. Cat Keychain

6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Continuing with the Japanese theme, this sushi keychain with a cat topping comes in appetising flavours such as salmon, tamago, and tuna. Perfect to pair with accessories such as your handphone, wallet pouch, and keys, show off your love for the absolutely lovely Kitties!

Cat Keychain, $1.95 from Shopee

Website: https://shopee.sg/Cartoon-Key-Holder-Sushi-Food-Sushi-Cat-Cat-Animal-Fashion-Jewelry-i.45084413.1948117451

6. Cat Tea Mug with Infuser

6 Cute Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Simple yet cute, this tea mug comes with an infuser so that you can filter your tea leaves to brew a perfect cup of tea. The Cat Tea Mug with Infuser is available in three colours – black, white, and pink, to brighten up your home.

Cat Tea Mug with Infuser, $7.20 from Shopee

Website: https://shopee.sg/IIL-Cute-Cat-Glass-Cup-Tea-Mug-With-Fish-Infuser-Strainer-Filter-Home-Offices-i.95265970.2051734417

All image sources are from Shopee

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