What To Look Out For When Choosing Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting Services



A safe and comfortable home away from home

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we need to travel out of town briefly, be it due to business trips or vacation plans. For pet owners, this means that we have to figure out our pet’s accommodations while we’re away as well.

Pet sitting and pet boarding are often the most common go-to options in Singapore, but before you decide on one, here are some things that you should carefully consider – after all, you won’t be physically present to protect your furkid once you’re on the plane!

Pet Sitting


Just as how most of us are not comfortable with staying with strangers, our pets are often not entirely thrilled by brief stays at unfamiliar places either. As such, when considering pet sitters, pet owners should always first look within your inner circle.

Enlisting the help of relatives and close friends who have at least seen your pet once before helps to maintain a slight sense of familiarity and in turn, comfort, and all they need to do is to drop by your home once or twice a day to feed your pet, provide clean drinking water, tidy up the toilet, and bring him/her out for a walk if need be.

If no one is available, you could also hire a professional pet sitter, many of whom provide additional services such as mobile pet grooming in Singapore. While researching and interviewing potential sitters, remember to find out what their official qualifications, training, and experience are. Any signs of reluctance or hesitation at showing all relevant government licensing and commercial liability insurance should immediately raise a red flag!

Just to be extra careful, review the testimonials left behind by other pet owners. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them politely for more details on how able and reliable the pet sitter is – it’s worth the peace of mind you’ll get when you’re overseas.

Pet Boarding

What To Look Out For When Choosing Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting Services

For those with pets who are more sociable, a pet boarding facility might be a better lodging option instead. Besides being able to make new furry friends, your pet will get sufficient mental stimulation too!

However, because the pet-to-human ratio at boarding facilities is usually unbalanced, make sure to find one that offers at least 24-hour camera surveillance and constant photo and video updates on your furkids to ensure their safety. Some even have policies to ensure that a staff is present at all times, even throughout the night, so that the pets won’t feel too alone in a foreign environment.

Besides thoroughly checking the online reviews of the facility, pet owners should also make an impromptu visit down to the pet hotel to suss out the hygiene and security level of the area, as well as condition and well-being of their guests. To be completely sure, interact with the staff to find out if they are knowledgeable and experienced in handling animals!

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong decision. The best you can do to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort is to observe if he/she have a more outgoing or shy personality, and if he/she requires constant attention or can thrive independently.

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