Understanding Your Furry Friend: Meet Dolito the Pet-Whisperer

Understanding Your Furry Friend: Meet Dolito the Pet-Whisperer
Understanding Your Furry Friend: Meet Dolito the Pet-Whisperer
As pet owners, it is natural to wonder what exactly is on your furkid’s mind. While the conversations with our pets are mostly one-way, there are a gifted few who are equipped with the ability to communicate with and understand animals. Also known as animal communicators, these talented individuals often bridge the communication between pets and their owners. Taiwan-based Dolito is one of them.With over ten years of experience in animal communication, Dolito is a famed and trusted animal communicator. In addition to connecting with numerous pets, she has appeared on television shows in Taiwan and Japan to communicate with dogs, some of whom are with celebrity backgrounds.

Today, we sit down with Dolito to learn more about her fascinating work.

1. Hello Dolito, we understand that you communicate with animals, but how exactly does the process work?

There are various ways for humans to communicate or to read pets. As for me, I do so telepathically. I reach out to the pets spiritually, to understand their thoughts. There is no specific language between us, such as English or Mandarin – it is more of a heart-to-heart communication.

Whether it is through thoughts or words, pet owners and their furkids are usually incapable of communicating with each other. At best, pet owners would make educated guesses on their pets’ needs or make their decisions based on observations. However, when I communicate with pets, I can hear and understand what is on their minds exactly.

2. How does animal communication benefit pets and their owners?

Understanding your pet’s thoughts allows you to gain insight into their actions, where this knowledge also helps to strengthen your bond. Through these sessions, pets would communicate to me about their concerns and joys. Pets are able to voice their worries, concerns or appreciation to their owners, allowing them to better understand how the pets feel. Much like our beliefs, a dog’s priority is always their owners – your pet’s concern for you can directly affect its mood.

Sessions with a trusted animal communicator also allow pet owners and pets to resolve conflicts, if any. I distinctly remember a session where a dog was unhappy with his “grandma” – the Mother-in-law of his owner. His grandma had been hospitalised and because of his strong dislike towards her, he had asked if she was going to pass on. His owner was shocked as she was unaware of her furkid’s mistreatment. Family harmony can affect a pet’s mood and feelings, and it is through animal communication sessions where pet owners are enlightened about their pets’ situation.

Understanding Your Furry Friend: Meet Dolito the Pet-Whisperer
After a pet communication session with Dolio pictured in the middle.
3. Why do you prefer holding in-person sessions?
In-person sessions allow the pet and me to familiarise ourselves with each other. Although there are other animal communicators who hold online sessions, I personally feel that in-person sessions are more efficient and effective.
Understanding Your Furry Friend: Meet Dolito the Pet-Whisperer
One of Dolito’s furry clients.
4. What does an animal communication session usually entail?
It is a simple process – as soon as I meet the particular pet, I would connect with them spiritually and the conversation begins. Pets usually voice out their worries, complaints and concerns, which is what I will relay to their owners and vice-versa.
Dogs, like us, have different personalities. Some are shy and require prompting while others are chatty. Although most pets have no qualms about opening up, there have been instances where pets choose to shut themselves off. While I do not force the pet to open up, I will attempt to find out the reason behind the silence.
5. Are there any differences between local dogs and those from outside of Singapore?
The majority of dogs that I have met in Singapore do not have major complaints – they are treated like princes and princesses and are aware of the importance to the family. While dogs in Taiwan, Japan, and China, for instance, show more concern for their families.
6. Are there any requirements for pets and owners intending to attend a session?
There are no specific requirements. I have held sessions with dogs from all walks of life but I have noticed that dogs above the age of ten years old tend to share more than their younger counterparts. It is important to note that dogs can only start communicating when they are at least six months old, as they would not have any knowledge of how to do so prior to that.Understanding Your Furry Friend: Meet Dolito the Pet-Whisperer
7. Is there a particular reason as to why animal communication is not as popular in Singapore as it is overseas?
It may not be as common in Singapore as only a selected few are equipped with this ability. I was born with this gift and was not something that I was taught. Knowing that I have this gift inspired me to use it to act as a communication bridge between pet and their owners.Cost may also be a factor as well. Animal communication sessions can be costly, and some pet owners would rather invest the money in pet-care, because they are doubtful of the abilities of the animal communicators.8. Are there any negative stereotypes associated with animal communicators?

This is no stereotype per se, but people tend to be sceptical and doubtful towards what we do. Some are not convinced that dogs can communicate with us and this leads them into thinking that we are fabricating the situation.Understanding Your Furry Friend: Meet Dolito the Pet-Whisperer
9. We heard that you have recently written a new book – tell us more!
The book is titled Paws Up, Let’s Talk. It talks about my journey as an animal communicator, the different experiences I have encountered, as well as provide insights into dog behaviours. It will be available at the 2019 Pet Expo in April!For more details on Dolito’s work, visit For more enquiries on animal communication sessions, interested pet owners may contact Ms Ang at (65) 8613 1330 or (65) 8588 6888.
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