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Travelling Terrors and Tips: Flying With Your Pet With Ease

Travelling Terrors and Tips: Flying With Your Pet With Ease

Travelling Terrors and Tips: Flying With Your Pet With Ease

For many of us, travelling is a part of life. Be it for business or leisure, we travel by air, by train and sometimes even by ship. Most people prioritise their packing, itinerary, vaccinations and travelling documents before their trips; for pet owners, your priority will most likely be your pet.

You may have had a hard time travelling with your furry friend in the past, or perhaps you’re worried about an upcoming trip. Many dog owners fear bringing their pet overseas, especially if they are taking a plane. Lack of knowledge and adequate preparation are the most common reasons that travelling with a pet is uncomfortable and difficult – for the both of you, as well as other passengers and the crew.

Travelling Terrors and Tips: Flying With Your Pet With EaseSource: Iloveplanes

Not to worry though, let information be your security! Once you know the best way to prepare for travelling with your pets, you can ensure a safe and comfortable time for all.


This may seem an unlikely step, but grooming your pet ensures that it is clean and feels comfortable for the trip. While on a cruise or plane, your pet will be dealing with a lot of anxiety, new smells, an unfamiliar environment and probably the hardest thing: separation anxiety. Grooming your pet to feel as comfortable as possible means that it won’t be suffering from any potential discomfort on top of everything else. Bring puppy or kitty to one of the many pet grooming services in Singapore a week before your trip to let your furkid get used to the fur trim or nail cut, and it will be all ready for that flight or cruise.

Crates and kennels Travelling Terrors and Tips: Flying With Your Pet With EaseSource: Holidogtimes

Just like you, your pet will probably have a hard time travelling for the first time, but unlike you, he or she will be placed in a crate the entire trip. Being in a small container for the length of a trip will definitely unnerve your pet.

Get your hands on a crate that resembles the ones airlines use, and get your pet used to being inside of one before your departure. You can search for such crates on online Singapore pet shops. Place the crate in areas at home where your pet hangs out in, and get it used to the sight and smell of it, before coaxing your furry friend into the crate. Start with a short period in the container - for example, an hour - and gradually increase the time as the travel date nears.

Get acquainted with separation Travelling Terrors and Tips: Flying With Your Pet With EaseSource: Holidogtimes

Pet owners who work regular hours away from home probably have pets familiar with being separated from their owners, but for those who spend a lot of time at home, your dog may find it difficult to be away from you for an extended period.

The only way to train your pet is to start spending a little more time away from him or her, so they get used to it. It is also essential to make sure your animal is used to loud noises that are common in such an environment.

Minimise the noise

When your dog or cat is in cargo, the atmosphere down there will be unfamiliar and disturbing for it. Help your pet pals feel as comfortable as possible in the kennel by giving it a familiar toy. If you sense that the noise will be overwhelming, prepare a noise-proof kennel to give your pet maximum comfort. Laying down a piece of clothing with a familiar scent will also help reduce anxiety.

Bowel control

On the day of the flight, make sure your pet has eaten well and is adequately hydrated. Make sure he has taken enough food and water before the flight and is comfortable enough for the entire trip.

Do not give your pet too much water as it can be tricky for them to find a place to relieve themselves during the flight. Most airlines will also not allow you to feed your pet during the trip. There may be a drinking bowl for water, but your dog may too anxious to drink, and so making sure they are fed and hydrated before take-off is the best way to go.

Expel excess energy Travelling Terrors and Tips: Flying With Your Pet With EaseSource: Thomascookairlines

Just before you board, make sure your companion has spent all his or her excess energy. You can do this by playing with them as much as possible so that they will feel a little more tired before you fly. This will help them relax a little more in the cargo hold and hopefully sleep through the whole journey.

Flying can be scary for anyone; even adults are known to have a fear of flying, and it's entirely natural. Dogs and other pets have a similar fear, and in addition, they are unaware of the happenings around them and you cannot explain it to them. However, they are capable of learning and adapting to the situation, and these are just a few ways you can prepare your pets for a safe and comfortable flight or cruise.

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