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Guide For Top 3 Hydrotherapy Centres For Dogs In Singapore

Hydrotheraphy For Dogs Singapore

Photo credit: Canine Wellness Rehab Centre

Like swimming? So does your pup!

Studies have shown that due to increased resistance to movement, a five-minute swim is equivalent to that of a five-mile run. The buoyancy of water helps support and lessen the stress on your dog’s joints. It also provides a safe environment for them to exercise in. Canine hydrotherapy been increasingly recognised as a healthy and safe form of exercise and relaxation for your dogs. And with good reason too! Hydrotherapy is beneficial for dogs to speed up recovery after an operation, slow down degenerative conditions or simply as part of a general fitness routine for your dogs.

Canine Wellness Rehab Centre

With the largest indoor canine hydrotherapy pool in Singapore, Canine Wellness Rehab Centre has a team of dedicated professional hydrotherapists that are UK trained and certified. They are incredibly committed to the overall wellbeing of your dog and are strong believers that the water therapy would leave your dogs in a better mental and physical state, giving them a new leash of life. With a specially designed indoor hydrotherapy pool equipped with things such as swim jets, heaters, built-in thermostat and UV steriliser in place, you can be assured that your dog will have a quality time there.

Canine Wellness Rehab Centre also offers a range of spa treatments such as the Milky Microbubble Spa, Ultrasonic Ozone Spa, Dead Sea Mud Spa with Infrared Light Therapy and Infrared Light Therapy that you may opt for as well.

Price: $55 to $75 per session depending on size of dog. Packages available.

224 Telok Kurau Road
Uni Building #01-05
Singapore 423836

Pet Stop

Founded in 2000, Pet Stop is a one-stop shop for grooming, canine hydrotherapy and pet boarding/lodging. They have the strictest hygiene rules, which ensures that your furkids are in the cleanest and safest environment possible for their hydrotherapy sessions. Pet Stop especially recommends the hydrotherapy sessions for injured dogs as this speeds up their recovery without overexerting their physical bodies. The water relaxes and rejuvenates all the systems in your dog’s body on a physical level (i.e. nervous system, respiratory system, skeletal system and circulatory system).

Owners are not allowed into the pools at Pet Stop for hygiene reasons but trained therapists will be there to ensure proper swimming techniques are used so that your dogs don’t overexert themselves. Only two dogs are allowed per timeslot, so remember to call ahead to make an appointment!

Price: $15 to $25 per session depending on size of dog. Membership prices and packages also available.

800 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534670

Ra Healing Centre

As a full fledged rehabilitation centre with alternative support therapies for animals, Ra Healing Centre uses non-invasive and state-of-the-art facilities to care for your pets. Using Epsom salts in their hydrotherapy pools instead of chlorine, the salts are easily absorbed into your dog’s skin, increasing their magnesium levels that are vital to the proper functions of their heart, muscles and nervous systems. This transdermal absorption hydrotherapy far exceeds the effects and benefits of regular hydrotherapy for the wellbeing of your dog. Ra Healing Centre offers hydrotherapy using whirlpools, underwater treadmills and dog pools in a controlled environment that allows your dog to receive the full benefits from the session.

At Ra Healing Centre, the therapists are 100% dedicated to provide only the best treatments for your dogs because they deserve the best.

Price: Starting from $60 per session (Package prices available)

513 Serangoon Road
Singapore 218154

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