The SG50 CFA Cat Show

The SG50 CFA Cat Show

In conjunction with the official opening of the Singapore Nee Soon East Community Club Asia Pacific Cat Club (APCC, Singapore) hosted the SG50 CFA Cat Show on 1st August 2015 as part of Singapore’s 50th National Day Jubilee Celebration. Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong and Member of Parliament (MP) Mr Patrick Tay also graced this 4-ring show and the former was introduced to the 4 international judges by Mr Thomas Low, Secretary of the Asia Pacific Cat Club and the CFA representative of South Asia. The judges were Pam Moser and Brian Moser from the U.S., as well as Irina Kharchenko and Irina Tokmakova from Russia.

During the show, PM Lee interacted with the show participants and gamely took a photo of a Household pet and its owner, uploading the photograph to his own Facebook page to share with fellow Singaporeans about the love for cats. It generated enormous awareness for the CFA show locally and internationally. He was also pleasantly surprised by the turnout of over 74 cats registered for the show, as well as the passion shown by cat owners towards their feline companions. “I never knew so many people loved cats,” he said, while viewing and interacting with the owners and cats.

The SG50 cat show was also rousing success in terms of creating awareness, and the event was broadcasted through a variety of channels such as radio station UFM1003 – whereby Mr Thomas Low and a club member were interviewed.

With cats and owners enjoying themselves tremendously , it was indeed a delightful and heartwarming time for cat lovers. Said a representative of one of the main sponsors of the event, Pets’ Station, “It is our wish that with the PM’s visit to the cat show, this helps to create further awareness, and will eventually grow the interest and love that Singaporeans have for cats over time.”

The SG50 CFA Cat Show 1

Singapore Prime Minister taking a group photo with the show committee and main show sponsor: From Left: Ms Irina Tokmakova, Mr Thomas Low, Ms Pam Moser, Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Ms Irina Kharchenko, Ms Noor Ain Bte Osman, Mr Brian Moser, Mr Patrick Tay, Mr Muhammad Bin Md Reyal, Mr Alex Chua of Pets’ Station Holding Pte Ltd.

The SG50 CFA Car Show 2

The Prime Minister was being introduced to the cats by Mr Thomas Low, the Secretary of Asia Pacific Cat Club and CFA Representative of South Asia, at Ring 3 in the show hall.

A screenshot from the PM’s Facebook, showing him with one of the participants in the cat show.

The SG50 CFA Cat Show 4

He uploaded the photo he had taken for the cat and the owner onto his facebook to share with his fellow Singaporeans.

The SG50 CFA Car Show-5

The Prime Minister arriving at the show hall and was warmly welcomed by Mr Thomas Low, the Secretary of Asia Pacific Cat Club.

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