The Quay to a Pawsome Weekend: The Quayside Pup Club

The Quay to a Pawsome Weekend The Quayside Pup Club

Pups and pawrents, we’ve got some exciting news for you!

The Quayside Pup Club is back, this time with more for everypawdy! Debuted back in October 2018 by Talya’s Sorvete to introduce pet-friendly, human grade popsicles, they will be hosting this year’s pop-up on 30th June 2019, from 11AM – 4PM.

The Quay to a Pawsome Weekend The Quayside Pup Club

Pop-up of Talya’s Sorvete at The Quayside
Source: thequayside 

If you have yet to hear of it, Talya’s Sorvete ice creams were created specifically for canines to indulge in. The pup-friendly, human grade ice cream is lactose-free and created with beta-glucan, natural antioxidants, fruits and probiotics, for its health benefits. In addition to being advantageous to the pup’s health, the ice cream ($5 each) is also available in 3 flavours – Strawberry, Honey Mango and Blueberry.

The Quay to a Pawsome Weekend The Quayside Pup Club

This year, in addition to the popular sweet treats and new releases from the local ice cream brand, the Quayside Pup Club will also feature ice cream sandwiches, chic bandanas, sunscreens and essential oils. These essentials oils are created with to be pet-safe and calming with ingredients including lavender, citrus and geranium.

There will also be a partnership with Les Bouchons, a French bistro and steakhouse, for an exclusive discount that offers customers of Talya’s Sorvete pop-up a 15% discount off the total dining bill at the restaurant.

So mark your calendars and beat the heat as you stroll along the Quayside with your furkid and some ice cream!

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