The Perks of Pet Boarding Services

The Perks of Pet Boarding Services

The Perks of Pet Boarding Services

Whether for work or leisure, it’s always important to leave your furkid with someone you trust. From a professional to a friend, there are a variety of options to choose from – one of which includes pet boarding. Today, we take a look at the reasons for the popularity of pet boarding in Singapore and why it’s the ideal choice.

New Paw Pals

The Perks of Pet Boarding Services

Doggos having a pawesome time at pet boarder Doggies Galore Source: @doggiesgaloresg 

While the bond between you and your furkid may be important, it’s also essential for your pet to be interacting with its paw pals. At a pet boarding facility, your pet will be provided with the opportunity to mingle and make some new (and hopefully lifelong) friends.

Safety First

The Perks of Pet Boarding Services

Rest time at Pawty Paws Source: Pawty Paws 

As experienced professionals, caregivers at pet boarding facilities are better at catering to your pet’s needs. Additionally, some pet boarding facilities have video surveillance systems for live viewing of your pet. The footage is easily accessible through mobile apps, so you can check in on your pet at a time of your convenience as long as you are connected!

Plenty of Playtime

The Perks of Pet Boarding Services

A splashing good time at Sunny Heights Source: @sunnyheightssg

Pet boarding facilities usually offer a larger space and a comprehensive programme that allows your pet to get both ample exercise and rest. Pet owners may also highlight your pet’s favourite activities such as swimming or playing frisbee for the pet boarder’s knowledge.

Speaking of swimming, for pawrent who aren’t already aware hydrotherapy for dogs in Singapore is a great way to keep healthy. Under the guidance of a qualified hydrotherapist, your dog will do a water cardio workout, which will result in shinier and healthier fur, and improved blood circulation. So don’t be afraid to give hydrotherapy a try during your pet’s stay!

Special Needs

Should you have a senior pet that requires specific care and medication, you can rest assured your pet is in the safe hands of professionals. However, do inform the staff of your pet’s special requirements or attention, if any.

That said, going through reviews is a good way to narrow down on the many pet boarding facilities in Singapore. On a side note, essential things to look out for include hygiene levels and staff experience when choosing your pet’s temporary home!

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