The More The Merrier: Why Two Dogs May Be Better Than One

The More The Merrier: Why Two Dogs May Be Better Than One

Are you a fur-parent of a doggo? If you are, then you probably know for a fact that a man’s best friend is a dog indeed — you’ve experienced it firsthand, after all. Adorable, fluffy, and filled with plenty of love and loyalty for their loved ones, the only thing better than one canine companion is two of them.

Besides the fact that there will be more love and cuddles to go around, having a furry addition to your house can also help with separation anxiety, training, and more. Of course, only adopt another dog if you have the means to care and provide for it. 


1. Playtime

The More The Merrier: Why Two Dogs May Be Better Than One

The chances of a doggo with no playmate spending most of their day lounging around is pretty high — you’re at work, and no one is going to entertain him or her with a game of fetch. If your furkid happens to loves idling, a lack of supervision may only make him/her lazier. But if you’re planning to get another fluffy buddy to join the family tree, things may just start to change!

When there’s another ball of fluff in the house, your two dogs will keep each other busy. They will playfully wrestle, chase birds, and bark at “intruders” together. Moreover, tumbling with each other will expend a lot more energy than most activities with a hooman.


2. Manage separation anxiety

The More The Merrier: Why Two Dogs May Be Better Than One

Some dogs sink into a depressed mood when their owners are gone for hours. When left alone, their anxiety and boredom may manifest into destructive or disruptive behaviour, and defecate, urinate, howl, bark, chew, or dig aggressively in an attempt to escape or expend their pent-up energy.

That’s when having another doggo comes in. By having someone else with them — particularly one of the same kind — it will help to ease separation anxiety and cope better with your absence. However,  do take note that while this can help with separation anxiety, it is no cure. You will need a more holistic approach on top of finding your fur buddy a companion in order to completely manage its separation anxiety.


3. Training is two times easier

The More The Merrier: Why Two Dogs May Be Better Than One

If you’ve already house-trained your dog, it will make training your new pup a lot easier. Dogs are pack animals who always look up to their leader for guidance — naturally, your older dog will act as a role model to your puppy, and the latter will pick up tricks easier by copying the former.

This is especially so when it comes to house rules and potty training. Since dogs have a tendency to do their business where other canines have already gone, your puppy will probably do it in the same spot as your senior dog.


4. Spread the love

The More The Merrier: Why Two Dogs May Be Better Than One

The first furry friend already brought so much love to the house — just imagine what a second dog could do! Besides companionship for your furkid and yourself, having more than one, lonesome dog promotes better emotional and mental health, and you may even be saving the life of another by adopting.

Dogs truly bring loads of love, cuteness and playfulness into a home. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t introduce two puppies into the home at the same time. Instead, introduce a puppy into a home where there’s another older dog and add value to your home and enrich the life of your older pet. Here’s to another new furkid!

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