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The Japanese Spitz Duo

 The Japanese Spitz Duo

Playing Dad to two dogs and a baby boy, Nicholas lets us in on the unique stories of how Fuji and Haku joined the family.

 The Japanese Spitz Duo
1. Hello Nicholas, tell us more about yourself!

I am a producer in the film industry.

2. Tell us about Fuji and Haku.

Fuji is three years old, and Haku is a one-year-old Japanese Spitz from Australia.

3. What inspired their names? Does it have anything to do with their Japanese origins?

My wife and I love Japan. In fact, Tokyo was the place where I proposed to her. Fuji was named after Japan’s tallest mountain Mt. Fuji while Haku was named after the white dragon “Haku”, a character in my wife’s favourite Japanese anime Spirited Away.

4. What are their personalities?

Fuji is affectionate and very eager to please, so training him is easy. He is also inquisitive and protective. Haku is more cat-like, likes to observe people, and is independent. He is very loyal and likes a good cuddle.

5. What do you most love about them?

I love everything about them!

6. What is your favourite memory of Fuji and Haku?

For Fuji, it was having him walk down the aisle on our wedding day. As for Haku, it was when we first picked him up from the airport – meeting him for the first time was an incredible experience.

7. Do they have any quirks?

Fuji likes to grab his soft toy, fling it upwards and try to catch it. He can do this for hours. Haku likes to sit by the water fountain and stare into empty space – he has done this since he was a puppy.

8. What challenges do you face as a pet owner?

As Singapore is not a very pet-friendly country, transportation can get tricky.

9. Any advice for potential Japanese Spitz owners?

Japanese Spitzs are amazing. Intelligent, active and beautiful, they look like polar bear cubs when they are puppies and are majestic as adults. However, due to our warm weather, be prepared for constant shedding.

 The Japanese Spitz Duo

The Japanese Spitz Duo
Breed Group: Companion
Average Lifespan: 10to 16 years
Personality: Loyal, intelligent, and affectionate
Fun Fact: The Japanese Spitz loves to play and thrives on attention and affection.

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