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Spooky or Cute, Here are Some Halloween Costume Inspirations for Your Pets

Spooky or Cute, Here are Some Halloween Costume Inspirations for Your Pets

Cover image source: Justin Jason on Unsplash

Halloween is just around the corner once more, and you know what this means — it’s time to put our fur babies in adorably spooky costumes! Whether you’ve got a pet cat or dog, we’ve found some absolutely spook-tacular outfits that may tickle your funny bone. Read on and get shopping!

1. Your very own Minion

Source: @zoe_and_fenna

From the moment these adorable yellow critters burst into the scene years ago, they’ve been a huge hit with everyone both young and old. In fact, just recently, Minion fans were treated to a treasure hunt with McDonald’s rare golden Minion collectibles! If you weren’t able to get your hands on one, no worries — Halloween’s the perfect excuse for you to have a real life Minion by your side!

Purchase the costume here.

2. Lion King, but make it miniature

Source: TOMSENN on Amazon (Left) and on Shopee (Right)

90’s kids, raise your hands if Lion King will always have a special place in your heart! An all-time favourite animation, turn your furry friend into a little something more majestic and Simba-like with these lion wigs!

Shop here or here.

3. Chucky (but a kind one)

Source: @limondainparadise

Last year, a video garnered millions of views when a French Bulldog got dressed up in Chucky’s costume for Halloween. Teetering between the fine line of adorably hilarious and unnervingly creepy, impress your Halloween crowd at home and get it here!

4. VSCO Girl

Source: @remyandroo

Are you one for the trends? If so, why not have a little tongue-in-cheek fun and dress your pet up as a VSCO Girl? If your pet’s a female pooch, even better — you can cheekily introduce her as a “basic bitch”, pun fully intended.

All you need to do is to throw together a look made up of a tie-dye shirt, some scrunchies, and a backpack!

Get the look and !

5. Yer a wizard, Harry!

Source: @tailove

If you’re thinking of heading to a Halloween party dressed up as a witch or a wizard, it’s only fitting that your pet also looks the part. Equip your furry friend with bat wings here, or give them their very own witch/wizard hat and cloak here!

6. Onesies, Your Reliable Friend

If you’re in the mood for something cuter, check out these rabbit onesies, again from Lazada. Unlike typical suits that are zipped, this one lets you have an adorable headgear resembling rabbit ears. If you’re tired of Halloween outfits only resembling a ghost or a ghoul, why not dress into something light-hearted and friendlier. Check out the rabbit onesie from here on Lazada!

7. Edward… Cat-len? Count… Dog-cula?

Source: @monkandbean

Does your pet have natural fangs? Or perhaps a constant, brooding frown? If your answer to either of those questions was a yes, then you may want to consider dressing your fur baby up as Edward Cat-len or Count Dog-cula. Sorry, we couldn’t resist the puns.

Get the cloak here!

The possibilities are endless

Spooky or Cute, Here are Some Halloween Costume Inspirations for Your Pets

Please send medical help. Our sides are splitting just by looking at these pictures.
Source: chongwu on Qoo10

From policemen and pirates to cowboys and the Incredible Hulk, the possibilities are really endless with the plethora of costumes available on most e-commerce sites and online pet stores. Our only word of advice this season is to make sure that your pet is comfortable with wearing certain clothing items before you make the purchase, otherwise it’d be a waste of money! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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