All About Shelties

All About Shelties

Charmed by the Shetland Sheepdog’s affectionate personality, Amanda shares with us how her love for the breed stems from her Sheltie Waffles. She also dishes out advice to potential Sheltie owners.

All About Shelties

1. Hello Amanda, tell us about yourself!

I am a purchasing executive with The Lo & Behold Group.

2. Tell us about Waffles and Hunter.

Waffles is five years old and Hunter is two. Waffles actually sparked my love for Shetland Sheepdogs, which is why Hunter joined the family three years later.

3. What inspired the names Waffles and Hunter?

The colour of Waffles’ coat reminds me of fresh cream and maple syrup, which are often eaten with actual waffles! We initially contemplated the name Walnut for Hunter, as we thought the names Waffles and Walnut complement each other. However, my father felt that the ‘nut’ in ‘Walnut’ had negative connotations due to its association with being crazy. We eventually decided on Hunter and he does live up to his name, what with all the stalking and pouncing he does.

4. What was your first impression of Waffles and Hunter?

Waffles looked cheeky, while Hunter seemed like a sleepy pup.

5. What are their personalities?

Waffles is very affectionate and Hunter is shy around strangers.

6. What is your favourite thing about them?

They are easy-going, super loving, and lively. However, they can be pretty clingy – especially Waffles!

7. Do Hunter and Waffles ever fight?

Never, but they do indulge in rough play at times.

8. What’s important to you when it comes to your furkids’ diet?

In order to stay as close as possible to their natural diets, I usually opt for meatier dog food that contains human grade ingredients. Personally, I like Wellness CORE Ocean as it caters to the nutritional demands of Waffles and Hunter.

9. What are your most memorable moments with Waffles and Hunter?

There was the time when we were left without WiFi for a couple of days as Waffles had chewed through the wires. As for Hunter, it is how he interrupts us when we are on the iPad.

10. What are some challenges you face as a pet owner?

Spending quality time with Waffles and Hunter. But I now designate specific times of the day to them.

11. What advice do you have for potential Sheltie owners?

Shelties require regular exercise to strengthen their hind legs, so ensure you make time daily to bring them for walks or runs. As the breed has a double coat, daily brushing is a must. As with any herding dog, do also expect some barking.

All About Shelties

All About Shelties

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