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Prepping Your Pet For Its First Grooming Appointment

Prepping Your Pet For Its First Grooming Appointment

Prepping Your Pet For Its First Grooming AppointmentCredit: http://www.petgazetteasheville.com/2016/02/12/cold-weather-pet-grooming/

Your fur kid’s first grooming session is an important milestone. As this marks the start of its grooming journey, it is vital to ensure that the first session is a positive one. Despite leaving it in the hands of a professional, it is still advisable to first prep your pet beforehand. Just like us, pets will need time to adjust and familiarise themselves with an unfamiliar environment. Listed below are three ways to prepare your pet for its grooming sessions.

Start early

Once your pet is comfortable with being handled, you may begin making the first trip to a professional groomer’s. It is advisable to start the grooming journey young, as it is easier to train your pet. Start prepping your pup for grooming as soon as he has taken all the necessary shots and if possible, before he turns sixteen weeks old.

Preparing your felines for grooming differs slightly. Once they are at least eight weeks old, start getting them used to being bathed. At the same time, start applying light pressure on the paws once a week or so, to get them used to the feeling of having their paws checked and claws trimmed.

Familiarise them with the process and tools

Before bringing your pets to the groomers, gradually introduce to them the tools that will be involved in grooming, as well the process it entails. Ease them into the process by starting off with short brushing sessions. However, do note to avoid any grooming procedures that you are unfamiliar with or are unsure of and seek the advice of a professional.

Introduce your pet to grooming tools by slowly placing it near your pets and gradually moving them closer. This process requires some patience, especially for pets that are easily frightened; so do remember to take it slow.

If possible, try imitating the motions that takes place during a grooming session. It is advisable to keep these sessions short and end it off on a positive note with constant praise and treats for your pet’s efforts. Lastly, ensure that your pet is comfortable with constantly being handled.

Familiarize them with the environment

Once you have found a groomer that you and your pet are comfortable with, do conduct some pre-visits before kick-starting the grooming sessions. Let your pet familiarise itself with the store, the scents, the people and the noise. By rewarding your pet for its good behaviour, your pet will learn to associate the groomers with treats and not anxiety nor fear.

Remember that it is vital for your first grooming session to be a positive experience. The more comfortable it is, the smoother the process will be. In time to come, your pet might even enjoy visiting the groomer!

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