Pet Expo 2016: Temptation Trail Challenge

Pet Expo 2016-7

Every year, Pet Expo brings us a range of exciting programmes for visitors to get entertained or learn something new about their fur babies. This year, CLUBPETS magazine was one of the supporting pet publications and we were there to give support to Singapore’s largest pet educational fair!

On the second day of the exhibition, 26th March, there was the Temptation Trail Challenge

Pet Expo 2016-1Pet Expo 2016-2For a total of 11 rounds, our furry canines were judged by their speed and resilience against the slew of treats and playthings. Minimum of two participating owners, one at the starting line and the other at the finishing line. Each time they ate or touched the treats, time will be added to their counter. The winner of the challenge will receive $200 worth of products. While 2nd and 3rd place gets $150 and $100 worth of products respectively as well.

Pet Expo 2016-3Pet Expo 2016 -4

Honestly, the crowd was the most riled up when they entertained the treats!

Pet Expo 2016-5

Look at this toy poodle going at it!

Pet Expo 2016-6

And then, we have this champ over here with a stance and focused look that just says: “I was born ready.”

Pet Expo 2016-7

Well, wouldn’t you know this is the champion of the Temptation Trail! The speedy canine that is impervious to temptation. Nevertheless, all of the participating dogs performed very well, even those that succumbed to the sweet temptations of food and play!

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