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Pet-Boarding Prep: Ensure a Positive Experience for Your Furry Friend

5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience
5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding ExperienceWhile it may be slightly more challenging for pawrent to plan their travels, it isn’t unmanageable. The key is to find a suitable caretaker for your pet while you’re away. Often, pet owners tend to opt for pet boarding services, unless they have the help of a family member or pet sitter. Additionally, pet boarding facilities act as a safe and reliable option for pets to have a staycation of their own.However, choosing a pet boarding service provider in Singapore is no easy task. After all, careful thought and consideration should go into picking the pet boarding facility that’s best for your pet. Apart from starting the search early, here are 5 important steps to take before checking your fur-pal in.

Making Pre-Visits

5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience
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When it comes to choosing a pet boarding venue for your pet, it’s important to visit the facility beforehand. This allows you to assess its facility and suitability for your furkid, and also gives you a peek into its operations. During the visit, do look out for the facility’s cleanliness, amenities and the experience for current boarding guests.At the same time, you may wish to take your pet along, to familiarise it with the environment. Use this opportunity to observe your pet’s reaction to the venue and its interaction with staff members. Another advantage of taking your pet along is to conduct an immediate behavioural assessment at the boarding facility of choice.Preparing Your Pet’s Vaccination Records

5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience
Before making your decision, enquire on the check-in conditions. Most pet boarders will require the vaccination records of your pet, to ensure the safety and well-being of all its guests. If necessary, ensure that your pet has the necessary vaccination(s) before checking it into the facility.
Fleas? Check!
Apart from ensuring your pet stays up to date on its vaccinations, have it checked for other health issues such as parasite infestations before checking in. While most pet boarding facilities do conduct a flea and/or tick assessment on the furkid before it checks in, it’s advised to an assessment of your own either at vets in Singapore or with your trusted pet groomer to ensure a thorough examination.
Special Needs
5 Tips for the Best Pet-Boarding Experience
Every pet is different and despite the careful thought and consideration you’ve given to the selected boarding facility, it’s important to provide the staff at the facility with proper instructions. This is especially important if your requires special care such as a specific diet or medication.As such, do let the boarding facility staff members in on your pet’s needs before making the decision, to find out if the pet boarding service is able to cater to these needs.Leaving Your Contact Information

When travelling, ensure as much as possible to be contactable. It’s advisable to leave your contact information, accommodation contact and an emergency contact in the event that you’re unreachable. Lastly, provide the boarding staff with information on your pet’s vet, should it need to be treated or examined while you’re away.These 5 tips are crucial in ensuring a smooth-sailing stay for your pets before you leave for your vacation. In addition to this list, be sure to mentally and emotionally prepare your pet for its stay in a boarding facility as well!
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