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My One-Stop Solution Spray!

Hello, pawpals! 

Wow, it’s already the end of the year! I can hardly wait for Christmas, because mummy usually buys me lots of Christmas presents. I’ve been such a good girl after all, hehe

Well, most of the times – sometimes a girl’s gotta go when nature calls, and that means the occasional oopsie. Luckily, I have Bio Ion’s Pets Pounce Spray to help me cover my tracks so that mummy doesn’t even notice!

A disinfecting spray that is non-alcoholic and made from 100% natural plant extracts, Pets Pounce Spray is safe for you, your hooman, and the environment, so you don’t have to worry about harming anything! Just to be safe, though, don’t get it in your eyes.

I really love this so much, because it has so many uses that I hardly know where to start! For example, Pets Pounce Spray works within just 30 seconds to kill 99.9% of harmful germs through a unique ionisation and biotechnological formula from Japan. That’s why I always use it after toilet breaks and walkies to disinfect my ears, fur, and dainty paws so that I don’t develop nasty infections!

That’s not all! Pets Pounce Spray also eliminates odours and stenches, purifying the air, which is why our home and office smells like rainbows and sunshine all the time. Mummy even uses the spray to clean the carpets and furniture when I make small accidents, as it can be used on all surfaces including resting areas like beds and mattresses, sofas, curtains, and floors. In addition, the spray mechanism makes sanitising really efficient as it easily covers a wider area. Sorry mummy, hehe

The original spray is fragrance-free, but Pets Pounce Spray also comes in Ocean, Floral, and Sakura fragrances – which one do you like best?

Oh, one more thing – Pets Pounce Spray is available in two sizes, which are 500ml and a very handy 15ml. That is perfect for bringing it out with us so that we can sanitise even when we’re outside. No need to wait till we get home for a good scrub!

If you’re interested in getting your paws on some Pets Pounce Spray, Noble Advance supplies them to pet supply retail stores around Singapore! Click here or contact 6367 7668 or to find out where your nearest Bio Ion Pets Pounce product is!


Smell ya later! 



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