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Moving Houses? Here’re 5 tips to Help Your Pet Adapt to the Big Move!

 Moving Houses? Here’re 5 tips to Help Your Pet Adapt to the Big Move!

Moving into a new home often evokes a myriad of emotions, ranging from excitement to stress to panic. As you run through your list of to-dos and prepare for the move, it’s also important to sufficiently prepare your furkid for the move and ensure it’s ability to adjust to a new environment. So if you’re planning to shift into a new place, here are 5 ways to help your pet adjust to the move!

Calm Vibes Only

Pets can pick up on your emotions and if the move is stressing you out, you betcha your furkid will feel it too. By staying calm (at least in the presence of your pet), you’ll be helping your pet better settle in the new space.

Have I Met Your Acquaintance?

Whenever possible, take your pet to the new house and have it explore the space. Doing so will allow it to familiarise itself with the new environment before the official move. You can also bring your fur-kid for a walk around the neighbourhood, to help it take in and adjust to the new sights, sounds and scents of the area!

A Safe Space

 Moving Houses? Here’re 5 tips to Help Your Pet Adapt to the Big Move!

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Just as you would ensure your bedroom is ready before you settle in, have your pet corner ready as well. As pets tend to rely on their sense of smell to distinguish the familiar, incorporating their favourite item(s) into the space may help them feel at ease and settle in better to the new environment.

Maintain Daily Routines

Pets seek a sense of security in routines, so it’s best to stick by your daily one. With the stress incurred from moving into a new environment, a change in routine may be too much to handle as well. As you’re settling into the new space, maintain your usual walks, play and maintain meal timings. This way, your pet is able to seek comfort in its routines while getting used to its new home.

The Official Move

On the big day, it’s recommended to separate your pet from the moving chaos and board it in a safe and familiar environment. As such, consider leaving your furkid with a friend, family member or at your usual pet boarding establishment. This keeps minimises stressful experiences and prevents accidents and/or possible mishaps.

While moving to a new home is an exciting milestone, keep your pet’s well-being and safety is kept in mind during the shift to ensure that it manages to adjust and adapt to the changes as well.

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