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Living with Pets and Allergies

Living with Pets and Allergies

With pet ownership on the rise in Singapore, it is important to note that furry pets such as cats, dogs and hamsters are more likely to cause allergies than their non-furry counterparts. Allergens occur due to secretions from your pet’s skin, which remain in the fur and can be easily shed or cast into the air. They also exist in the saliva and urine, which are often deposited on surfaces such as walls and carpet floors.

If you find yourself wanting to keep a pet cat or dog despite being allergic to these animals, the following steps are measures you can take to live under the same roof with them:

Mark Your ‘Allergy-free’ Territory

This should be your bedroom in most cases. Disallow your pet from entering your premises at all costs, and use impermeable bed and pillow covers. These hamper the absorption of secretions, reducing the chances of you picking up your pet’s allergens.

Clarify The Air

Do this by installing HEPA air purifiers throughout your home. They help to filter out your pet’s dander (flaked dry skin) and other dust particles that linger in the air. In addition, avoid using material for surfaces that can easily trap such muck, such as carpets, curtains and blinds. Make it a ritual to clean your furniture and pets’ beds.

Bathe your Pet

Bathing your pet once or twice on a weekly basis can help to reduce the amount of allergens on your pet skin by up to 84%. Feeling apprehensive about doing this to your feline? This handy tip has been proven to work: start by filling up your sink up with 2/3 lukewarm water, and wet your cat from its shoulders to its tail. Be mindful to never wet its head; use a damp towel to clean it instead.

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