Talya’s Sorvete

Talya’s Sorvete as the name suggests, was inspired by our founder’s furkid, Talya, who loves eating homemade (lactose-free) ice cream. Talya started having homemade ice cream back in 2016, when she struggled with constipation as she dislikes drinking water, which then causes her to suffer from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) later on. As a result, she has to take probiotics on a long-term basis. It was then, that our founder has decided to replace Talya’s treats with homemade frozen ice cream made of fruits and probiotics, with the intention of enhancing her bowel movement and immunity system.

Furthermore, in recognition of the humid weather that all furkids in Singapore are struggling with, we are determined in formulating a pet-friendly human grade ice cream.

As much as us humans love indulging on ice cream in a hot day, it is only fair that our furkids are able to enjoy them as well!

After a long period of R&D, we are honored to have formulated an ice cream for dogs with the help and advice from Dr Jean-Paul Ly. Today, Talya’s Sorvete serves nutritious and doggie-friendly ice cream for Singapawreans furkids. Our ice creams are not only lactose-free,  it also contains betaglucan that is proven to improve the overall gastrointestinal health of canines. We are glad to announce that from today onwards,  your furkid is able to indulge on his/her pawlicious and nutritious ice cream just like us humans do!