Super Cuddles Clubhouse

Everyday is happy and fulfilling! We start off each day by picking up all our daycare babies who are super excited to see us. We are greeted with leaps and kisses and happy barks.
They get to school and meet the rest of the pack. Sprinting with joy and sniffing at any newbies to the pack. Some will make their way to the kitchen and wait patiently while our in-house chef prepares their meals.
After breakfast, every one goes for a long stroll to explore and investigate if there are new smells to the neighbourhood. And also to leave some of their own scent behind.
Everyday is an adventure! We care for young ones who are so full of zest that they’re literally flying for a couple of hours before collapsing in to a deep slumber come noon time and back on high mode again later part of the day.
Most of our guests have known each other since they were puppies… growing up and playing together here at Super Cuddles! We love watching all the little changes that go through their lives.
And we care for the older ones too… who brings a sense of calmness with a strength from within in a quiet way.
So call us today for any of the following services:
* Doggie Daycare
* Dog Boarding
* Pet Taxi

221 Tg Katong Rd, Singapura 437012