Kibbles n’ Krowns

The concept behind Kibbles n’ Krowns’ unique personalized home decor portraits and items originated from a summertime trip to Calico Ghost Town, USA where the team experienced dressing in 1800’s attire to shoot vintage souvenir photographs.

The attention and delight derived from these antique photographs got us thinking. Why not share this experience globally by creating customized pieces of art that depict creativity and originality?

Today, Kibbles n’ Krowns produces top quality personalized products, all in-house! Our unique position within the production supply chain allows us to have complete control over all aspects of production, and is key in allowing us to met your highest expectations.

Our mission is simple: To create home decor that brings people and their pets closer together through laughter, memories and conversation! 

The love you have for friends, family and pets is everything! At Kibbles n’ Krowns we cherish our customers and love to see everyone sharing their moments and inspirational stories within our social media community. 

16 Kallang Pl, #07-06 to #07-09, 339156