Is Your Dog Bored?

Is Your Dog Bored

Just like how you might complain of a boring daily routine, a dog’s timetable can be a real yawner, too. Which one of the below might your bored furry friend be?

1. The Couch Potato

Some dogs do have a natural tendency to rest throughout the day, but if your pooch’s routine involves little more than a morning snooze, followed by a mid-day snack and an afternoon nap, and finally, a lazy, half-hearted greeting when you arrive home, you have to start worrying.

2. The Piner

If your dog spends its entire day doing nothing but pining for your return and waiting longingly by the door, you know you have a Piner on your hands.

3. The Digger

When left to its own devices, the Digger will happily ‘excavate’ your garden inside out, dig imaginary tunnels under rugs and carpets, and basically just ruin your furniture.

4. The Chewer

You know never to leave any laundry out in the open, because it just becomes fair game for your little gnawer, which spends much of its day chewing on everything it shouldn’t.

When it comes to managing your dog’s environment, it helps to think like a dog. Try looking at everyday objects as potential entertainment and mental stimulation for your pooch, making sure that anything remotely unsafe is put away. Acknowledging your dog’s basic nature helps as well.

If your dog is a Couch Potato, simply take it for walks in the morning or in the evening, varying our route every day to keep it interested. A Piner may be simply lonely or having a case of separation anxiety. Think about having someone walk your dog while you’re away, or if possible, adopt another dog to ease your pet’s loneliness. Nonetheless, Piners, Diggers and Chewers are always looking for something to do when they’re alone, so invest in a few toys that can be stuffed with treats for them to wrestle with.

Once you’re home, don’t simply assume that your dog has had its fun and will leave you alone. Take time to play similar hunting games with it such as hiding treats under disposable cups. Keep a look out for pet events and outings that you can bring your pooch to, so that it gets to meet other furry animals as well. Your dog is a companion animal, but companionship definitely needs to be mutual.

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