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Human Food For Your Goldfish

Human Food For Your Goldfish

Human Food For Your Goldfish

Goldfishes are natural omnivores and can’t survive on a diet that is based solely on commercial fish pellets or flakes. While fish pellets and flakes from Singapore pet shops do contain minerals and vitamins, it is not as balanced as it should be. Goldfishes require a more varied diet that will contribute to their health. Just like humans, goldfishes need a balanced diet to receive their nutrients and fibre.

In the wild, goldfishes consume items like algae, insects and snails. Which is why goldfish owners should try their best to mimic this diet and incorporate other food items in place of pellets and flakes. However, these additions should not be considered as treats but as a component of their usual diet.

To mimic their natural diet, consider including these food items in your goldfish’s diet.


Vegetables are great for your goldfish as they are healthy and are considered similar to the water plants found in the wild. Vegetables also supply your fish with fibre and can counterbalance the usual fish pellets.

Human Food For Your GoldfishSource: FishNet.org

Vegetables such as carrots, peas, uncooked lettuce and green leafy vegetables are advised. However, these vegetables need to be steamed or boiled until they are soft and chopped extremely finely before being fed to your fish. Remember to remove the outer shells of the pea and the carrot.


Fruits like oranges or other citrus fruits are great for your goldfish as well. These fruits complement the pellets by being low in protein. The vitamin content benefits the goldfishes as well. However, these fruits are both acidic and sugary and should only be fed to your goldfish sparingly. Remember to cut up these fruits as minutely as possible.

Other items

Meat (with all fats removed) and other carnivorous items like tuna and squid can also be fed to your goldfishes. However, these foods should only be served sparingly as they are extremely high in protein. These items have to be all natural without the use of oil during preparation. Before feeding them your goldfish, boil or steam these food items to make it safe for consumption. Just like the other food items, cut these food items as finely as possible.

Just like humans, goldfishes might need some time to get used to the new additions to their diet. Certain goldfishes might be more receptive to more food than others. However, do remember not to overfeed your goldfish. Doing so will contaminate the water and even make it toxic. Do remember to check with your vet or fish experts if your goldfish has any special dietary requirements before incorporating these items into their diet.

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