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How to Groom Your Pets

How to Groom Your Pets

Becoming a pet owner isn’t just about fun and giggles with your fur-friend; it also requires you to be responsible for your furry one’s wellbeing. While there are many ways to care for your pet, one of the most important parts of pet care is grooming.

Not only does regular grooming help make your pup or kitty look good, they will also feel good as grooming helps you notice any physical changes that your pet might be experiencing, which may re-quire medical attention. What’s more, grooming your pet can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your fur kid as the pampering of your beloved pet also helps maintain a healthy relationship between the two of you.

So, how do you groom your pet?

Start off the process by gently stroking your pet’s body. If you find your pet uncomfortable with your touch, be patient and always remind your pet that everything is alright and praise their good behaviour. (Pro tip: Always remember that animals learn positive associations through praise and repetition).

With that side, keep in mind that when grooming your pet, always be on the look out for any expres-sion of discomfort when touched — your fur kid might be signalling to you that they are in pain and that medical attention is required for the source of this discomfort.

The key is to be a kind and gentle leader, and to eventually teach your pet to enjoy being groomed on a regular basis. If you find yourself needing some extra help, start off with a professional groomer by your side so that they can teach you the basics of grooming. Once you’ve gotten the basics out of the way, here are a few essential grooming tips you should always keep in mind:


It’s recommended that you brush your pet’s coat regularly, and even before you bathe them to detangle any knots. Brushing will feel good as it removes dead hair and distributes the natural oils found in their skin. Of course, different types of breeds require different types of brushes depending on their coat density

Short and smooth coats can be brushed with grooming mitts, while regular wire slickers can be used for medium to long coats. Remember to always be gentle and patient when brushing your fur-friend’s hair as too much pressure from tugging and pulling can cause harm to your pet.


When preparing a bath for your pet, always ensure that the water is warm (even during summertime) as cold water leaves your pets with negative associations with the water. If you are bathing smaller sized pets, always support them in the tub or shower so that they don’t panic. Massage your pet when shampooing them (conditioner is optional), and rinse off any product throughly. Always remember to dry your pet after every bath to help them avoid catching a cold!


Don’t forget to check and clean your pet’s ears periodically; with a damp cotton ball and and an ap-propriate ear cleaner, gently clean any excess gunk from your pet’s ears starting near the head to the ends of the ear flaps. Don’t reach in too deeply, though, as doing so can cause damage to their ears.

If you notice that your pet’s ear is extra dirty, smelly, or sore-looking, make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible to check for any possible infection or parasites.


Just as we need to look after our teeth, our fur friends also require some dental care. Gently massage the gums and brush their teeth for a clean mouth, and don’t forget to use the appropriate toothpaste for each type of pet.

If you are unsure about how to properly clean your pet’s teeth, seek for professional help first to en-sure that your fur kid is comfortable during the cleaning process.


Arguably the most challenging grooming responsibility, most pets will be hesitant about getting their nails clipped. To make the experience less stressful for the both of you, start the process one foot at a time.

Place the clippers near the nail, and without clipping, squeeze the nail as though you are about to clip to check for the quick (where the blood supply ends). The goal is to avoid cutting into anything hastily as quick cutting might lead to unnecessary painful bleeding for your pet. Always be gentle with your fur friend during this process and remember to always reward them after.

Pro-tip: If you accident cut the quick, don’t panic. Immediately cover the nail with styptic powder and put pressure on the nail until it stops bleeding.

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