How Often You Should Clean Your House If You Have Pets: Cleaning Tips 101

How Often You Should Clean Your House If You Have Pets Cleaning Tips 101

It’s no secret that many homes all over the world count pets among their occupants, which goes to say that every day, there are millions of people cleaning up after their pets. Be it pet accidents, vomits, regurgitation of hairballs, or shedding of fur, it’s no easy feat to keep your home spick and span when you have furkids at home, so here are tips on how often you should really clean your house to keep it tidy, and how to make it a simple and fuss-free affair:

1. Cleaning up after accidents 
Potty training is generally advised to be done within the first 90 days of introducing your pet to your home in order to ensure that he/she does not defecate or urinate anywhere he/she pleases. That said, accidents still do happen for various reasons, and when it does, it should be immediately cleaned up with a proper cleaning solution.

Plain ol’ wet tissues won’t do the trick either. Depending on your floor type – parquet, marble, or tile – make sure to use the proper cleaning solution to ensure that your floor doesn’t get stained or lose its shine. For cleaning carpets, enzyme cleaners or a DIY baking soda solution works best.

2. Dealing with shedding woes

How Often You Should Clean Your House If You Have Pets Cleaning Tips 101

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Dogs and cats tend to shed, and certain breeds can cover the entire house in fur in a matter of days. While hard floors should be swept daily and mopped as needed, the number of times homeowners should vacuum their carpets will depend on the number of heads there are in the household.

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to vacuum once a week for each large pet or human – for example, carpets in a 3-person, 1-dog household should then be vacuumed almost every other day. If it ever gets to a point where vacuuming does not seem to remove debris, then a deep carpet cleaning is in need.

3. Keeping favourite spaces clean

How Often You Should Clean Your House If You Have Pets Cleaning Tips 101

If you have a kitty friend at home, you’ll know that they have a tendency to take a liking to a piece of furniture and then call it home henceforth. This means that that particular item will be especially in need of vacuuming and washing for both your home and your kitty’s sake. To make it easier to do so, place a towel or blanket over it – it not only protects the upholstery and surface from dirt and scratches, but can also be swiftly removed for easy washing and replacing.

4. A germ-free and pet-safe environment 
While removing dirt is a priority, we can all agree that our pet’s health and safety is just as, if not more, important. Plenty of effective cleaning products are unsafe for human or pet consumption, so make sure to only use pet-friendly cleaning products to prevent your pet from getting poisoned.

If you really must use products that contain bleach, remember to keep your pet away from the area while cleaning and thoroughly wipe the cleaned surfaces with water afterwards.

5. Reducing mess after walks

How Often You Should Clean Your House If You Have Pets Cleaning Tips 101

Always keep an old but clean towel or rag by the door for your pets to wipe their paws on after walks. For “double protection”, place a doormat both inside and outside your front door as well so that it dislodges and catches loose dirt from their paws!

Housekeeping made easy 
As the saying goes, no pain, no gain – a pet is a lovely bundle of joy to have around, but they can make cleaning up the house such a headache. Give yourself a little break and make things easier with these cleaning tips!

Written in conjunction with BusyBee Cleaning Service.

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