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Grumpy Cat 101: What Causes Cat Crankiness?

Grumpy Cat 101: What Causes Cat Crankiness?

Grumpy Cat 101: What Causes Cat Crankiness?

We’ve seen the photos of grumpy cat all over the Internet, and perhaps why we love it so much is because we know how grumpy cats can get! However, crankiness is just a part of everyone’s day, and there are plenty of ways to lift your cat’s mood and bring her back to the loving cat we know she is. Crankiness in cats can take on many forms, ranging from avoiding interactions to aggression, so understanding what these signs mean is the first step to helping our feline friends feel better.

Pain and medical issues Grumpy Cat 101: What Causes Cat Crankiness?

If you haven’t made many changes in your living environment, your cat’s bad mood may be a sign that they are feeling discomfort in their bodies. There are many cat-related illnesses out there with different symptoms, so the best way for you to catch this early on is to keep a watchful eye out for any odd behaviour from your cat. Some changes in your cat’s behaviour could include a reduced appetite, hiding, avoiding human touch or even her litter box, and a decrease in urine or stool. If you ever observe her acting out of the norm, don’t hesitate to bring her to vets in Singapore for a checkup because her behavioural problem could indicate a larger medical one.

Neglect Grumpy Cat 101: What Causes Cat Crankiness?

We often think that dogs need company, while cats enjoy wandering off on their own and doing their own thing. However, boredom and neglect are definitely issues your household cat could suffer from. Playing with your cat helps the both of you relieve stress. As these wonderful animals are natural hunters and built for speed, playing with them in short bursts throughout the day will keep them stimulated, engaged and contented.

Change in schedule

Cats are creatures of habit and get attached to their eating, sleeping and play times. If your work schedule has changed and it affects your playtime with your cat, she could react crankily to it. Such changes can’t be helped of course, but what you can do is ease her into these changes by giving her more attention throughout the transition. It might take awhile for cats to get used to their new eating or play times, however knowing that you still love them will help them adjust in the long run.

Moving Grumpy Cat 101: What Causes Cat Crankiness?

Unfamiliar places are generally seen as threatening territory to cats, which makes moving especially difficult for them. There isn’t an easy way for cats to get used to a new home, however going the extra mile to ensure that they feel safe will help them accept their new living environment with less stress and fear. Introduce them to the new house slowly and room by room, and place familiar-smelling toys and items around, while keeping them away from the mess and sight of half-packed boxes when moving out of your old home. With time and patience, your cat will find new spots in your home to call her own and be back to her old self, watching over her territory in peace.

A new house pet Grumpy Cat 101: What Causes Cat Crankiness?

Pet owners worry a lot about introducing new pets to the household with a cat already marking out her territory in every corner. It is disruptive to territorial cats, while others will feel a lot of fear and go into hiding. Start by introducing your feline friend to the new pet’s smell through items such as a blanket or toy that it uses. Vertical hiding spots such as a cat bridge allow your cat to survey the land from a higher vantage point and also a place for her to retreat if she’s ever feeling uncomfortablvfe. However, don’t hesitate to address aggressive striking out immediately, as you still want your pets to have a peaceful and lasting relationship. If you are unsure how to go about it, contact a professional who can guide you through this uncertain time.

Cats are wonderful creatures that feel a lot of emotions, and thus make great pets because of their ability to bond with us. Don’t let their cranky moods affect you, instead, troubleshoot and find ways to minimize factors which affect your cat’s happiness and they will definitely feel your care and concern, and respond in kind!

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